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BTO Sports has a wide variety of dirt bike rimsto choose from. Whether you are looking for a brand new naked rim to throw on a mix and match color of spokes, or a full complete wheel with a colored hub, BTO Sports has your covered. We carry top brands within the motocross industry so you can choose from the best companies and know you are getting a high quality product. Check out our great selection of motocross rims today!


Dirt Bike Rims

BTO Sports understands how much time, money, and dedication it takes to competitively race motocross, or even just take the family out to the desert for the weekend. We try and sell all of our products for the most reasonable and affordable prices on the market and one of those products are our dirt bike rims. We have top brands like Excel, DID, Marchesini and much more! Whether you are looking for just a rim, or a complete wheel, we have you covered from the front of your bike to the back.

Excel Rims

Excel produces a couple different types of rims to choose from. One of the most sought after rim is the Excel A 60. This rim is the Takasago excel A 60 rim and it is developed for top professionals, by top professionals. Used by some of the professional race teams around the world, this uniquely designed dirt bike rim is constructed from aluminum allow that is 15% structurally stronger than any other Takasago Excel rim. Along with that, the newly designed V-curve helps reduce the build-up of mud to help keep the bike as light as possible during a race.

A staple in the dirt bike rim industry is the Excel signature series. This Takasago excel signature rim is constructed from special 7050 aluminum alloy that exceeds aircraft 7050 specifications. Needless to say, these rims can handle their fair share of casings and over jumping. These types of rims are available in a variety of colors such as black, gold, and silver. These types of rims are available for nearly every make of dirt bike such as: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, and Yamaha.


If you are looking for a complete wheel with great looking hubs, check out the Kite/excel combo or the Talon/Excel combo. This collaboration between the two companies makes for an eye candy of a rim. The complete wheel is constructed with a kite hub with your choice of color (depends on make of dirt bike), high quality bulldog spokes, and the Excel Takasago, A60 or DID star rims. Depending on how much you would like to spend depicts which combination of the three you will receive. The Kite hubs are made by Kite which is an Italian based company that produces footpegs, handlebars, triple clamps and other various products for motocross racing. These hubs are ultra-lightweight yet are incredibly durable. They are so durable and lightweight that these are the hubs of choice for Red Bull KTMs factory riders. The Rims are some of the best in the industry as Excel goes above and beyond when producing their signature series and A 60 rims.

Another combination you can receive is the Talon/ Excel complete wheel. The Talon wheels are the ultimate combo of reliability and strength. By combining talon hubs with the impeccable excel rims you will be receiving a class leading complete wheel. These complete wheels are available in multiple colors so you can customize your dirt bike however you please. Granted color combos may be reliant on which make and model of dirt bike you have, so make sure you are purchasing the correct complete wheel for your bike before checking out.

Another great company that produces top leading dirt bike rims is DID. DID is a world class company that produces a wide variety of drive parts for dirt bikes like chains, rear sprockets, countershafts, and others. The DID dirt Star STX rim is currently on sale here at BTO Sports and is designed to meet the current requirements for dirt bikes. These DID Rims are 15% stronger than their competitors yet are still lightweight thanks to being constructed from 7 series aluminum. These rims look great and will give your dirt bike a factory look in no time. One thing to note is that these rims should be used with stock spokes only.

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