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Scott was born back in 1958 and came out with their first product the ski pole. This was Scott’s first product and really opened up Ed Scott to the whole world of extreme sports. His passion started in ski up in Sun Valley Idaho where he created his first product. But not too long after that, their eyes which were of coarse wearing Scott goggles, saw an opportunity in the motocross world. In 1970 Scott goggles became a thing in the motocross world and started to get traction. Quickly after they introduced the scott motocross goggles, they jump into boots, grips, and other small accessories. One great thing about Scott was that they were always pushing the envelope with vision. They started out with their motocross goggles, but then jumped to ski and many other styles of goggles.

Scott Goggles

Scott Goggles

It is very important for scott goggles to have replacement lenses. When you buy a pair of riding goggles you want to make sure you can either swap out lens depending on the lighting that day, or swap out lenses once your current lens gets scratched. Scratching your lens is inevitable and happens to everybody, but being able to first have an extra lens on site, and two, easily be able to swap them out no matter what your conditions are. We here at BTO Sports make sure to carry a full line of scott goggle replacement lens for this exact reason. If you are not able to find the scott lens that you are looking for please let us know by either drop us an email [email protected] or giving us a call toll free at 888-613-3393. We are here to help the customer and that is you.

Some of Scott goggles biggest competitors are Oakley, Smith and 100%. These big goggle companies have done really well in this motocross goggle space. Without great competition the industry can fall and freeze up on the innovation side of the industry. But this is not the case, and even more so for Scott goggles. Outside of Scott goggles and goggles accessories, they also make goggles cases, backpacks, grips, sunglasses, and even some heavy duty jackets. If you want to buy products from a brand that has been in business for over 50 years, Scott is a great brand to go after. They do sponsor some of the best motocross riders in the world and continue to hunt down the next best young talent to get on a motorcycle. Also never forget to keep an eye out for Scotts limited edition goggle color ways. Every year Scott will release goggles that have specific color ways that will never be made again. These colorways tend to be the in house favorite almost every year.

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