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SDG Motocross Gear

SDG Motocross Gear, SDG Dirt Bike Gear and Accessories

SDG is known in the business as a leader in aftermarket ATV seats, motocross seats, and bike seats for all kinds of riders. Founded in the early 1990s with the idea that “Speed Defies Gravity,” SDG Innovations first created a Kevlar motocross seat cover and later expanded that concept to design and produce a mountain bike seat cover. The idea was to protect the expensive, surprisingly fragile leather on the high-end Italian racing saddles that were in use at the time.


SDG Motocross Gear

The Kevlar saddle took off for SDG, making the company a formidable name and premium brand in cycling and leading to its foray into motocross. The light, durable saddles SDG created from super-light foams for bicycles proved popular and appealing to MX riders, too, and SDG motocross gear was born.

Whether you are an avid racer, or just like riding for fun, the SDG parts will definitely suit your style. These seats are nice and comfortable so you can continue riding all day each and every day. Okay, well maybe not ALL day long, but you get my point. These seats are perfect for individuals looking for a seat that is affordable without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Seats are designed with specific patterns that can manipulate your riding position and increase your riding performance and enhance your experience.

Fast forwarding to today, SDG now offers more than 100 different saddles for bicycles, ATVs, and MX. From next generation materials to expansive R&D, SDG continues to innovate, producing newer, better designs road- and track-tested by the pros. SDG motocross gear is endorsed by some of the industry's top riders.

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When you upgrade your hard iron factory seat with an aftermarket SDG motocross gear saddle from BTO Sports, your body will thank you, you'll ride for longer stretches more comfortably, and get your investment back in time spent on the bike quickly. Contact the pros at BTO Sports to find out which SDG motocross gear seats are right for your ride, whether it's an MX bike or an actual bicycle. We are here to answer your questions and give you all the details on our products.

Thank you for shopping at BTO Sports for your SDG seat covers; we greatly appreciate your business and hope to process another one of your SDG orders in the near future. If there is anything that we are able to do to enhance your experience with us, please let us know immediately and one of our staff members will fix it.

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