Seven MX - Zero Cold Weather Compress Jersey

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    Seven MX - Zero Cold Weather Compress Jersey

    Looking to keep your muscles nice and warm during the midst of winter? Seven MX has designed the perfect compression jersey for you! The Cold Weather Compression Jersey from Seven MX has arrived at BTO Sports and it is ready to take on the winter weather riding conditions just as much as you are. This Cold Weather Compression Jersey is equipped with state of the art features that are designed to keep your muscles nice and warm to mitigate cramping, injuries, and arm pump, and fatigue.

    Every motocross rider knows the struggle of arm pump and how difficult it can be to overcome during the final few laps of a race. With this Cold Weather Compression Jersey from seven MX you will be able to keep in the heat and defend your body against the cold. What this does is help increase blood flow to help mitigate arm pump while reducing unnecessary muscle movement that further increases fatigue. Although it may not seem like much, this Seven MX Cold Weather Compression jersey will do its job and help you ride at peak performance longer than ever.

    How it works is by having an athletic compression fitment that holds your muscles nice and tight to reduce that unwanted and unnecessary movement and shaking that results in a loss of energy. Along with that, this muscle compression technology increases the blood and oxygen flow throughout your entire upper body, not just your arms, to help increase the recovery time of your muscles and allow them to work at a higher rate for a longer duration. Finalizing this jersey, Seven MX made the Cold Weather Compression jersey to be incredibly lightweight and equipped it with moisture-wicking properties that mitigate sweat build-up. This is Seven MX’s newest Compression Jersey and you can get it today right here at BTO Sports! Buy one, or three, today before they are all gone!!

    Seven MX - Zero Cold Weather Compress Jersey Features:

  • Muscle compression also promotes blood and oxygen flow which aids in quicker muscle recovery allowing for muscles to work at a higher rate for longer periods of time
  • Athletic compression fit holds muscles tight to reduce unnecessary muscle movement or shaking that results in loss of energy
  • Ultra light weight moisture wicking performance material construction pull’s moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry.
  • Garment cut for resistance free mobility.