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Shift MX gear has a reputation for being the choice of the fearless and bold rider, and the favored brand of the MX purist. Shift MX works to stand apart from other brands within a sport that prizes both individualism and authentic personal style alongside the camaraderie that comes from being part of a small group of dedicated enthusiasts. If you're looking for the style and performance that works for going big and not going home, Shift gear is a great choice.

 Shift MX Gear

Shift MX

Tons of choices in Shift MX gear at BTO Sports. For 2017 Shift MX has two major lines: the White Label and the Black Label. Shift offers a variety of colorways in both labels. White Label Shift gear is priced for all riders, with a jersey and pants set typically running less than one hundred dollars; the White Label line also features two different design styles.

For even higher performance, check out Shift MX's Black Label line which their performance line. Black Label gear is designed with lighter weight materials and maximum flexibility in mind. Air and Pro MX gloves are available for both lines, depending on how light you prefer your gloves to feel.

At BTO Sports we also carry great selections from Shift's 2015 gear lineup, including the Assault, Faction, Recon, and Strike and gear sets. Each line offers the very best fit, design, materials, protection, details, and construction for the price. Contact the pros here at BTO Sports to find out more about our Shift gear combos and other dirt brands today.

The Newest Shift MX Gear

Shift motocross gear attracts a certain kind of fearless, bold, individualist rider, and for good reason. The Shift mx brand is known for being both tough enough to serve as armor on the track and comfortable enough for wearing like you ride all the time—and plenty of the Shift motocross gear militia do.

If you believe in going big, not going home, and going as fast as you can no matter where you're headed, Shift mx gear is perfect for you. Shift mx is all about standing out as an individual. Everyone likes to win, for sure, but having fun and doing things your way is just as important on the track, and this is something that Shift motocross gear is designed to portray on every rider.

The Shift MX Assault line is a great choice for riders looking for function, style, and a great price point. With five awesome color schemes to choose from, you're going to find a look you like, too. You can also get the total look, because we carry Shift MX helmets, jerseys, pants, gloves and the entire ensemble from the Assault line for the seamless appearance and total setup you want.

The Shift MX Faction line is the top of the line choice available from the brand, a truly premium option for discerning, experienced riders and those newer to the sport who are hoping for a meaningful edge. This line of Shift MX gear is durable yet extremely lightweight, and racing in the Faction line you'll feel the difference.

The Shift MX Recon line is the brand's relaxed-fit option that keeps the same awesome styling for the track. The jersey even goes over the pants, which feature waist tabs that are adjustable. The Shift MX Strike line is another variation on the more traditional lines, with multiple stretch zones in the pants and a full mesh back panel in the jersey.

The Shift MX Raid line of motocross gloves offers you alternatives—like we said, Shift is all about doing things your way! Most of the Shift lines come with gloves, but if you'd rather have a different look or you prefer a line without matching MX gloves, the Shift MX Raid line has you covered.

Have questions about Shift MX gear at BTO Sports? Contact us here on our website or at 1-805-777-7601 anytime. We love motocross as much as you do and hit the track, trail, and dirt every chance we get. We know these brands inside and out and would love to answer your questions.

So remember, Shift MX gear is truly a passion for rabid fans of the tracks and trails. Finding that new piece of dirt bike riding gear can transform and enhance your overall riding experience more dramatically than just about any other way imaginable. Having the comfort and safety that comes with wearing top riding gear from shift MX will give you countless riding memories. And we have it all right here at BTO Sports!

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