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Shoei Motocross Helmets and Dirt Bike Helmets

Shoei Helmets has been leading the way in the manufacturing of dirt bike helmets since 1959. They are one of the most respected names in the world of Motocross, continuing to offer their customers the very best in Shoei helmets motocross gear.

Shoei Helmets

Shoei MX helmets: first in safety

Safety is the primary goal at Shoei and they work tirelessly to ensure that riders who use their helmets are safe at all times. Thanks to extensive safety testing, Shoei motocross helmets represent the very best dirt bike gear in the business from a safety perspective.

Shoei Helmets dirt bike gear and accessories are created to provide full protection to the head during a ride. Without a helmet, riders can sustain serious injuries that can be life-threatening. Shoei believes that riders should be able to enjoy their rides and stay safe at the same time. That is why they have worked so hard to earn Shoei motocross helmets a place among the very best dirt bike gear in the industry.

Demanding design: Shoei Helmets

Every component of each Shoei MX helmet is manufactured with safety and protection in mind. Shoei uses only the best in materials to ensure a perfect fit. Only this kind of precision design and fit ensures you highest possible level of protection.

Every Shoei motocross helmet has six essential parts that together protect your head to the highest degree while offering you unparalleled comfort: the shield, the shell, the EPS liner, the liner, the chinstrap, and the ventilation system.

See clearly with Shoei MX helmets

The shields of Shoei MX helmets provide unequaled protection from bugs, wind, dirt, and UV radiation. Shoei motocross helmet shields are designed to keep your field of vision free of distortion, providing the highest level of safety and the best in vision protection for your ride.

Shoei makes some of the best, and most trusted helmets on the market. With that, the best helmets need the best face shield to give the rider the optimal vision to keep their focus on what is in front of them. The Face shields that Shoei equips their Shoei Helmets with are a sun shield visor system that has a built-in QSV-1 sun shield. This sun shield gives riders instant relief from sun glare. This distortion-free shield blocks out 99% of the UV rays to keep your eyes protected from the sun’s harmful radiation.

Shoei Helmets withstand impact

The shell of Shoei motocross helmets are designed and crafted to withstand impacts from everyday debris and from even the most catastrophic falls. Shoei uses scientifically proven materials in their shell so that energy from impacts is absorbed more efficiently over a larger area. This technology helps prevent injury to the head.

The EPS liner in Shoei MX helmets absorbs the energy that emanates from the shell in the event of an impact. The liner is designed to absorb this energy and protect the rider.

Shoei motocross helmets are lined for comfort

Shoei motocross helmets offer one of the best quality, most comfortable liners available on the market. Made from top grade polyurethane padding, this layer of lining ensures that perfect fit, giving you not only a safer ride but also a far more comfortable one.

The outer shell on the VFX – W is constructed from AIM plus which increases the comfort levels of this helmet as well as its durability. AIM plus is an acronym for Advanced Integrated Matrix plus Multi-fibers which is used to help achieve a comfortable and precise fitting Shoei Helmet. Along with that, these helmets are Snell M2010 and Dot Approved to ensure you are receiving a helmet that is tested to keep you safe.

Shoei Helmets offer stability

When you put on your Shoei MX helmet, you know it isn't going anywhere without you. The metal riveted chinstrap on Shoei motocross helmets ensures stability, staying put. Your chinstrap won't breakaway from the helmet.

Keep cool with your Shoei motocross helmet

Shoei motocross helmets provide sophisticated, well-engineered ventilation systems to keep you cool and comfortable as you ride. Every Shoei MX helmet is designed with a series of special vents which together work to draws warm and moist air out and away from you, and pull cool and dry air in.

Shoei Helmets

BTO Sports has a great variety of Shoei motocross helmets. Available in all sizes from XS to XXL, we can outfit almost all riders in Shoei MX helmets. Our Shoei motocross helmets come in all of the colors, graphics, and styles that riders love, so shop with us today.

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Shoei - VFX-W Maelstrom Helmet

Great Helmet

Absolutely great helmet! Very happy with it. I tried on a lot of different helmets, Aria, Fox, Bell, and others. The Shoie fit me the best. By far the best fitting he let I've ever had!
Shoei - VFX-W Reputation Helmet

top of the line helmet !!!

one of the most comfortable helmets outthere i have 3 . great vetilation , yes its expensive but how much is your head worth ?
Shoei - VFX-W Grant 2 Helmet

Great service and product

Got my helmet really quickly and couldn't be happier with the it. Looks even better in person.

Shoei - VFX-W Sear Helmet

Comfortable and lightweight.

Im using this helmet for racing and practice. I love the fit that makes me comfortable during my ride. Its lightweight and keeping me always safe. I love also the design and color. I really love it. Shoei helmets the best
Shoei - VFX-W Turmoil Helmet


It's a shoei
Shoei - VFX-W Barcia Helmet

As good as it gets

Been riding with this helmet for a few months and have no complaints, I've taken some hard diggers with it on and all it has is a few scratches. Good brain bucket forsure, lightweight, super easy to take out the padding to wash it and it fits my head shape really well. If you are skeptical on the price keep in mind your protecting your head, but tr...