Sidi - Crossfire 3 SRS Boots

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    Sidi - Crossfire 3 SR Boots

    The engineers at Sidi have been designing and crafting footwear for over fifty years now. They began specializing in cycling footwear and quickly became the gold standard in the industry. Their knowledge & expertise have translated well to the motorsport industry, and are recognized all over the world for their high quality boots. Sidi combines the heritage & prestige of handcrafted Italian footwear, with the functionality of dirt bike boots for the ultimate in foot protection. The brand new Sidi Crossfire 3 SR Boots are another example why Sidi reigns supreme in the motorsport footwear industry. These motocross boots are a masterful combination of protection and comfort that are worth every penny!


    These Sidi boots have so many great features that provide riders with excellent protection. The main protective feature is the Dual Flex System, a double jointed system that prevents riders from hyper extending their feet in the event of a crash. The lower joint is brand new for the Crossfire 3, as it provides a hard “hyper extension block” compared to the soft barrier on the Crossfire 2 dirt bike boots. The joint makes it impossible for the rider to sustain an injury by hyper extending their ankle joint. The Crossfire 3 motocross boots are equipped with a large polyurethane shin plate on the front that can be replaced if it gets damaged. In fact, most of the protective plates on Sidi boots can be replaced so that riders are always fully protected. Replacing induvial parts as need is also a much cheaper option than having to buy a completely new pair of dirt bike boots. The Crossfire 3 boots feature protective inner heat shields that help insulate riders from excess heat. The shields are made from a non-slip material that affords riders a better grip on their bikes.


    In addition to providing excellent protection, the Sidi Crossfire 3 SR boots are super comfortable. They are constructed out of a material called "Technomicro". This new generation material is strong, flexible, lightweight, and super comfortable to wear. Technmicro is also waterproof and does an excellent job at keeping the feet of the rider dry. The interior liner is constructed out of a material called Chambrelle, which has great humidity absorption and quick drying properties. The Crossfire 3 motocross boots are also roomier and less constricting than their predecessors. Riders may be a bit apprehensive about a looser fitting boot and the potential for lose debris getting stuck inside. That's why these boots are equipped with a gaiter & strap combo that forms a seal around the top of the boots, keeping dirt, pebbles and whatever else that gets kicked up. These motocross boots include a few other comfort features like the micro adjustable buckles. Riders can pinpoint exactly how loose or tight they want their boots to feel. The dirt bike boots are equipped with removable arch supports for riders with flat feet. The heel cup has been redesigned to increase the comfort and stability of the riders’ heel.

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    • All new ankle pivot system is designed to have a “hard” limit of foot/ankle hyperextension
    • A laminated Technomicro is used as the base material in all areas
    • Slim, cool non-bootie design
    • Nylon insole no dangerous steel shank
    • Inner heat shield made of high grip material
    • Removable arch support
    • Toe area covered in protective plastic
    • Lower buckle guards help protect against opening due to an impact
    • The complete central strap system can be easily replaced and is available in two sizes
    • All bolt-on parts are replaceable
    • Sidi patented replaceable shin plate
    • Malleolus external plastic guard with ergonomic closed cell foam padding internally to enhance protection of those tender small foot bones
    • The boot leg is fully assembled with screws, is itch free and entirely replaceable
    • Replaceable inner kick starter/ foot peg nylon guard on the inside area of both boots