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A pair of Spy motocross goggles that fits perfectly is comfortable, offers top-of-the-line protection, and can make the difference between a strong finish and a DNF. Blending classically cool looks with serious protection, Spy motocross goggles allow dirt bike riders to face the unknown, filled with hazardous obstacles, head on.

Spy Motocross Gear

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Ride fearlessly through the roost! Anyone who's ever been hit in the face with roost knows: it hurts a lot. Sure, you're aiming for the holeshot each time, and you never want to lose the lead. Still, everyone who rides motocross gets sprayed with roost, and if you want to ride fearlessly, you need to know your eyes are safe whenever that happens. The same thing is true off the track. Dust, sand, mud, rocks, and branches snapping into your eyes are all potentially life changing events when it comes to your vision. We know why you ride, because we ride too; you love taking on that crazy unknown challenge that's just around the bend. The right gear lets you do that and emerge triumphant. Spy motocross goggles help you stay on target, eyes open and head up, chasing the finish line.

Due to the fact that so many motocross helmets are designed without attached faceshields, lots of riders are looking for great motocross goggles. Spy motocross goggles are designed specifically for MX riding and everything that comes with it. They're made from the most durable materials out there, and they also look the part with high-energy graphics in vibrant colors. As you select which lenses you want to use to hone in on first place, remember this: not all MX goggles are the same. Spy motocross goggles feature the smart design and technological improvements that render them a technologically-based weapon in your arsenal as you seek out the finish line. The Spy Happy Lenses are constructed with tough materials and offer 100% UV protection and the Quick Draw™ lens change system.

We've got the best selection of Spy motocross goggles available online at BTO Sports. With a choice for every budget and style, and every rider from the total newbie to the advanced pro, we have the right Spy motocross goggles for you. We've got your starter pair, your high-end upgrade, or your solid replacement pair—just give us a call or email.

Spy Motocross Goggles

Simply put, Spy goggles are the industry leader, and have been for decades. Their standards of quality and innovation have not been matched by anyone. With their dedication to the riders and their premium Ace MX goggles, they will be at the top of the podiums for years to come.

When selecting the ideal manufacturing location for Spy goggles, Spy Optics ensured the facility met and exceeded all of their own rigorous and uncompromising standards that allow them to achieve the highest possible level of quality. They consistently monitor production of the goggles and regularly test components to ensure products made in the facility continue to earn the right to bear the Spy icon. If it's not good enough for the world's best, it's not good enough. That goes for each and every pair of Spy goggles they make, no matter where we make them.

Spy is also fully aware of the safety requirements mandated for their renowned Spy MX goggles. 100% UV protection has become a standard practice for all Spy goggles. Also, their patented Geo-Force™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece is another feature that separates them from the pack. Clearly, they mean business when it comes to both comfort and protection! When you’re buying Spy goggles, you’re not only buying the one of the best in all of motocross... you’re buying the one of the safest. Another reason you can feel positive about your purchase of Spy goggles!

Let’s take a look at some of the most enduring models of this mighty goggle machine known as Spy Optics! These MX goggles take no prisoners. Believe it!

Spy Goggles

The new superior injected curve (SIC™) lens and Quick Draw™ lens change system put the midsize Ace at the top of the deck. In brutal conditions, easily slot the free bonus lens into place without ever breaking a sweat.

The Ace MX Spy Goggle

•Available with the SPY Happy Lens™
• Built from flexible polyurethane
• Features the Quick Draw™ lens change system
• RISE™ ventilation system
• Anti-fog superior injected curve (SIC™) cylindrical dual-lens with anti-scratch protection
• Free bonus lens and nose guard
• Quad-layer Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece
• Silicone-ribbed strap
• 100% UV protection
• Helmet compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet
• 10 pack of tear-offs included.
• SIC (Superior Injected Curve) Cylindrical lenses that are injected to create a curved shape that provides better impact protection and high-quality optics.

The Klutch MX Spy Goggle

A beast to be reckoned with on the track or the trails. A free bonus lens keeps you going in all conditions.

•Custom built from a flexible polyurethane frame
• Features patented Scoop® ventilation system • Anti-fog scratch resistant Lexan® lens with posts
• A free bonus lens
• Geo-Force™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece
• Silicone ribbed strap
• 100% UV protection
• Helmet compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet
• VLT: 34% (Smoke with Green Spectra) and 90% (Clear)
• Light Conditions: Sunny and Night

The Woot MX Spy Goggles

The all-new Woot MX takes basics to the brink. Live fast, break the rules and have some fun.

•Built from flexible polyurethane
• Comes with a black nose guard
• Features anti-fog scratch resistant Lexan® lens with posts
• Ergonomic Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece
• Silicone-ribbed strap
• 100% UV protection
• Helmet compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet.

If you want a premium motcross goggle, the collection of Spy goggles here at BTO Sports is a giant step in the right direction. Great company, great products- and BTO Sports has the customer service to get you these goggles in a flash. Come on over to BTO Sports and let us square away your MX goggle needs.

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