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Strider Bikes

Strider Bikes & Accessories

Every parent faces the challenge of teaching their child how to ride a bike. This can result in scratches, tears, and maybe even a yelling match or two, but now with the strider bike this job just became a lot easier. This new hot trending toy from strider bike helps with the beginning stages of teaching your child how to ride a bicycle while also improving their balance.

 Strider Bike

About Strider Bikes

Strider Bikes are balance bikes that are designed specifically for children without pedals to help them get familiar with riding a regular sized bicycle. Strider bikes are a great way to help your child learn the balancing techniques needed to ride an actual bicycle safely as the bikes do not come with foot pedals. The child propels the Strider bike by using their feet which increases their ability to maintain their balance as they ride in the backyard, on the driveway, or anywhere the Strider bike will take them. Well anywhere you, the parent, allow it to take them. These bikes have been developed, improved, redefined over the last 10 years to give children a high quality bike they will enjoy for years to come. These Strider bikes are manufactured with a patented design that ensures these bikes are lightweight, durable, and will fit your child perfectly with its seat height adjustment.

There are various models of the strider bike for different aged riders. These Strider balance bikes were designed for 2 year old children, but there are bigger sizes like the strider 16” and the strider 20” for riders around the age of 6 and 13. These bigger models are perfect alternatives for kids or adults learning how to properly balance to make the transition to a full sized bicycle as easy as possible. One of the most important aspects that went into producing such a product is the fact that children need to understand the body movements and body placement that is needed to ride a bike properly.

Strider Balance Bikes

These motions of leaning and steering are few of the crucial aspect to learning how to ride a bike, but the most important one would be the balancing aspect. It is crucial for children to learn how leaning and steering affects the balance of the bike, and with these Strider balance bikes they can get the most out of their learning experience without taking falls from the height of a regular sized bike. Utilizing hand-eye coordination and a hint of balance skills, your child will gain the confidence he or she needs to make the transition to a pedal, or even motorized bike that much easier.

Strider is an organization that supports local, national and international charities that address the challenges of enabling children how to ride a bicycle and other challenges that prohibit their ability to do so. They have created a fund project called the Strider Rider Fund that helps support those charities to increase the children’s’ ability to have fun, decrease the harsh challenges of everyday life, and present them with an opportunity to grow and learn something new. To help raise money for this fund, Strider puts away one percent of gross revenue from all sales across the globe into this Strider Rider fund. They support handfuls of charities like the Axel Project, the Children’s hospital of Los Angeles, United Healthcare Children’s foundation, the Special Olympics, and much, much more!

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Strider Bikes are located all across the world, with 18 different international distributors that sell products to over 70 countries Strider strives to ensure children across the globe are given this opportunity to learn something new and extraordinary. This company started off as a small Saturday afternoon project as the founder was building a bike for his 2 year old son. As time passed, this idea became a blessing in disguise as the bike with no pedals boomed into the bicycle scene. Now producing over 900,000 strider bikes with 10 overseas production management staff, 2 large factories in Asia, and over 1,00 dealers located here in the United States, Strider has revolutionized how children are learning how to ride bicycles.

BTO Sports has a great selection of Strider bikes to choose from with a wide range of accessories to choose from as well. With bikes ranging from a price range of just over $100, you can grab your child one of these Strider Bikes for a birthday present, holiday gift, or a crazy surprise to help them learn to have one of the best times of their life. Check them out today! Let us know if you are not finding the exact strider bike or accessories you are looking for. You can call us at 888-613-3393 or drop us an email.

Strider Bikes

Strider bikes are balance bikes: really simple bikes created to help small children learn and feel how to balance, steer, and move on a two wheeled vehicle. The very basic design of Strider bikes give kids the exciting look and feel of a dirt bike with the pared down simplicity of moving with nothing but foot propulsion. This way children can learn how balancing feels and learn the fundamentals of riding that can help them transition onto a dirt mike later. Once your kid masters the fundamentals of steering and balance, the transition to a bike with pedals or even a motorcycle is a snap.

While your child is learning to ride, a motocross balance bike is an ideal tool. It helps your kid see how steering affects balance and experience how it feels to lean into turns. That's why learning to ride on a bike with training wheels or a tricycle doesn't truly help your child build riding skills; they never learn the feel of balancing. Strider bikes help your child start right, developing the coordination, balance, and confidence they need to transition into riding more advanced bikes.

Strider Bikes at BTO

At BTO Sports we carry a range of Strider bikes and Strider bike parts to meet the needs of all kinds of riders. There are various licensed Strider balance bikes in stock, both sport and custom models. These high end Strider bikes feature exciting colors and custom graphics your kids will love. It's a lot more fun to ride when you're sporting the look of some of the most popular brands on the track.

Shop BTO for the Strider Sport KTM no pedal balance bike, the Strider Husqvarna 12 custom no pedal balance bike, Fly Racing Strider balance bikes, Strider Sport Suzuki no pedal balance bikes, Strider 12 Sport no pedal balance bikes, Strider Sport Ducati no pedal balance bikes, and Strider Custom Camo balance bikes. We also carry lots of Strider bike parts, including Strider bike stands, Strider heavy duty wheels/tires and Strider wheel/tire assemblies, Strider rocking bases, Strider mini bike grips in lots of colors, Strider number plates, Strider foot brake kits, Strider snow ski sets, Strider elbow and knee pad sets, and Strider ultralight wheels in an array of bright, exciting colors.