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TCX motocross boots are some of the nicest boots in the market. Although mainly associated with motorcycle boots, TCX has used their expertise in the action footwear market in order to come in strong in the motocross industry. Research was closely related enough between the street and motocross world that TCX used the information they gleaned from their experiments in the motorcycle boots field in order to better the performance and creation of their motocross boots. It is an amazing feat to translate what you have learned in one area, in this case the motorcycle boots arena, and use what you’ve learned to improve the product in another field, namely, the motocross world.

Motocross boots arguably, need to be even tougher than regular motorcycle boots. There is no leeway when it comes to the materials needed to make a good motocross boot and TCX knows this. The name of the game is polyurethane and leather… along with superior construction and strategic placements. TCX has committed the time and effort to gain the respect of dirt bike riders everywhere and the dirtbike world has paid attention. It takes a lot to gain the trust and respect of a whole population, but TCX has done it with their foray in the motocross boot market. This is no half-hearted attempt. It is a genuine dedication to the motocross world. TCX is at the feet of their fans, and the fans can’t help but enjoy the TCX motocross boots that have come out so far. Boots such as the


So speed on over to www.btosports.com and find yourself a pair of sweet TCX motocross boots ASAP. We have brand new TCX boots, and clearance motocross boots as well. We have the biggest sales when it comes to motocross boots, so shop our incredible collection today.

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