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Thor 2016 MX Helmets

2016 Thor MX Helmets are all available for the lowest prices at BTO Sports!

Thor 2016 MX Helmets

Thor is experiencing a tremendous growth rate in the motocross market, and 2016 is no different. Thor MX Helmets for 2016 have experienced one of the largest releases in helmets by Thor to date. The Thor Verge Converge Helmet, the Thor Verge Scendit Helmet, the Thor Verge Tach Helmet, and the Thor Verge Rebound Helmet are all popular picks from the Thor MX Helmet line for 2016. Interestingly, Thor has decided to go all in on the high-grade Verge Helmet line this year as well. There is a wide variety of high-end Thor MX Helmets for 2016.

The name of the game for Thor’s helmets is reinforcement. Thor has decided to make all their new Verge helmets stronger, while cutting weight from other parts of the helmet. The chin bar is a strategic reinforcement point because it strengthens the rest of the helmet. At the same time, minimal gaskets reduce the overall weight of the helmet. This keeps the helmet light, while keeping certain points of the helmet stronger than ever. The fiberglass is hand-laid, focusing on minimal weight, and superior strength.

2016 Thor MX Helmets also have an air of quality in them when it comes to ventilation. Exhaust vents litter the rear, while intake vents can be found in intelligent positions on the front to maximize airflow. Optimal flow of air is of extreme importance for a helmet. Not only are the front and rear of Thor Helmets in command of most of the airflow of the helmet, the sides feature vents to help with flowing the air as well. The whole helmet also exhibits large hole mesh liners to have air going in and out as much as possible. Keeping you cool and comfortable pays dividends in improving your performance all over the track. Thor Helmets are known for their quality, and with riders such as Ryan Villopoto having put their endorsement in the brand, that’s example enough of the greatness that Thor Helmets exhibit.

Go ahead and find all the newest and greatest 2016 Thor MX Helmets at BTO Sports. We have every single Thor Verge Helmet, in addition to all the Thor Helmets that we have on sale and on clearance. We have the best deals on motocross helmets out there, so be sure to check out our collection. Thor 2016 Helmets such as the Thor Verge Scendit Helmet, the Thor Verge Rebound Helmet, the Thor Verge Converge Helmet, and the Thor Verge Tach Helmet are all available at https://www.btosports.com, so be sure to check out what we are all about!

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