Thor Boots

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Thor Boots

Thor Boots

Thor boots are one of the best entry level style, look, feel and priced boots you can find on the market. You can find the full Thor mx boot collection right here. We make sure to have everything available that Thor has to offer making sure you are never missing out on the latest and greatest. Thor riding boots are going to be at the lower price point of just over $100 but still offer you that protection you are looking for. Thor boots only come in two models, the Blitz boot which does have two different styles, and the Ratchet boot. Both of these Thor mx boots will satisfy that rider who is on a budget. The blitz like mentioned before is just over $100, while the Ratchet boot is just under $200. Both will protect you like a motocross boot should.

Thor Riding Boot Features

Thor Riding Boots Features

Thor boots have the quality both in the materials they use to make the boot and the R&D that they put their racing boots through. Thor riding boots are not a joke even though the price might make you feel that way. You can find the Blitz boot with many different color ways to choose from pleasing every rider out there. Some of the Blitz boot features include: Synthetic heat shield, mesh liner increasing airflow through the boot, outsold with a steel shank insert for additional support while the rider is in the attack position, pre-curved molded shin plate, and abrasion resistant shift protection plate. These Thor riding boots will keep your feet dry and protected while out getting dirty on your bike. The second Thor mx boots we need to talk about are the Ratchet. These are the top level motocross boots that Thor has to offer. They come with a few more features then the Blitz boot. Those include a leather chassis to help offer an excellent feel, split grain leather guard to help protect you calf from heat and abrasion, bio-foam lined interior and insole allowing for extra comfort and cushion, and last would be a welted rubber outsole that includes a steel shank allowing for that extra support.

Thor Mx Boots Sale

When it comes to finding killer deals on Thor boots, this can be a challenging task. Thor is very strict with their pricing policies and won’t allow dealers to list their boots are different prices. So when shopping for Thor boots, its not about finding the lowest price because everyone should have the same price, but it will be about support the retail shop that you like best. We hope that shop it BTO Sports. We are here to help you, so please give us a call at 1-888-613-3393 or drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be sure to give any and all advice we have.