Thor Motocross Goggles

Thor Motocross Goggles and Thor Dirt Bike Goggles

Being able to set your sights on your opponents and see with complete clarity is something that is a must for any motocross rider. The Thor motocross goggles are ready for whatever your ride brings. Keeping you close to the action by preventing fogging, you will always be able to see your next target to pass, with the Thor dirt bike goggles. The innovative features of the Thor goggles are bound to bring you back for more pairs. Features like, the drilled frame, and the molded outrigger positioning systems help to make sure that these goggles stay on, for even the roughest of rides.

The Thor goggle is crafted with a Lexan� lens that is like no other. You can rest assured that your eyes will be protected from the harsh UV rays and with the mirror smoke finish, you can see better than you ever imagined. With the Thor motocross goggle, you can rely on the three-layered molded face frame, that allows the Thor motocross goggles to fit you securely, no matter your face size or shape.

Thor dirt bike goggles come in a variety of models and styles. You can choose from the Enemy goggle, which comes in many colors and graphic styles and the Bomber or the Hero Wrap. Whichever Thor goggle you choose, you are bound to be psyched to wear them! With Thor goggles, you can purchase extra lenses and straps so that you are always prepared with the gear that you need. The Thor motocross goggles provide you with unmatched comfort, fit and style, giving you all that you need in a goggle. If you are ready for the ride of your life, you need a pair of Thor dirt bike goggles, to protect your eyes and keep them on the prize!