Troy Lee Designs - SE4 Polyacrylite Quattro Helmet

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    Troy Lee Designs - SE4 Polyacrylite Quattro Helmet

    The Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Mono Helmet is an all new approach to head protection. This dirt bike helmet is unlike anything we have ever seen from Troy Lee Designs. Riders are well aware of the TLD helmet price tags, so they should be pleasantly surprised by this newest model. The SE4 Polyacrylite is two hundred dollars cheaper than the SE4 Composite, and four hundred less than the Carbon motocross helmet. It’s kind of a big deal for Troy Lee to make their helmets available to riders with smaller budgets. Now riders don’t have to compromise for their head protection needs!


    All of the SE4 dirt bike helmet lines are only differentiated by their exterior shells. The SE4 Carbon is equipped with a lightweight carbon fiber shell. The Composite is engineered with a carbon fiber-fiberglass hybrid. The troy lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Mono Helmet has a polyacrylate shell that provides excellent head protection. This material has slightly more give which absorbs impacts super well on softer terrain like dirt. However, this material is slightly heavier than the aforementioned materials, making the Polyacrylite the heaviest helmet in the Troy Lee SE4 helmet line.


    The Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Mono Helmet still has all the same great protective properties that made the original SE4 dirt bike helmet an award winner. In conjunction with the exterior shell, this affordable motocross helmet has an underlying EPS layer. This is a triple density impact foam that absorbs blows and impacts and mitigates it across the helmet. The exterior shell protects against glancing blows, punctures and abrasions so they work super well together. The third layer is a special Mips layer. Troy Lee has worked side by side with Mips to create a fully integrated helmet that provides dynamic head protection from angular impacts. The Mips layer sits in between the exterior shell and the triple density EPS layers. Sandwiched in between, Mips allows these two layers to glide past each other due to the low friction material. When the helmet is hit by an impact, the exterior shell slides in relation to the angle of impact. This in turn provides longer, sustained protection at the moment of impact.


    Despite the smaller price tag, this affordable helmet still has all the frills that Troy Lee dirt bike helmets are known for. In fact, the only thing different about this helmet is the shell. All the other features remain intact. Features like the moisture wicking interior liner that absorbs excess perspiration. The liner pulls moisture away from the skin which helps riders stay dry and comfortable. Anyone who has ever been on a bike knows how sweaty you can get out there on a hot day, even to the point where it becomes a distraction. That’s why its important for a motocross helmet to have methods to relieve this issue. The Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Mono Helmet has over twenty vents and exhaust ports that work with the helmet liner to regulate the helmet cavity. Make sure to check out all the dirt bike helmets in the Troy Lee Designs 2018 Moto Collection!



    • Expanded Polystyrene for added protection
    • Triple density EPS for all impact speeds
    • MIPS Helmet technology provides even more protection against rotational impact
    • EPP (Expanded polypropylene) chin bar provides lightweight, durable protection
    • Anatomically contoured 3D cheek pads with emergency release system
    • 16 Intake ports and 6 rear exhaust ports
    • Visor provides breakaway protection
    • Stainless steel d-rings are both strong and light
    • 3 Shell sizes across 6 helmet sizes
    • Includes Troy Lee Designs drawstring helmet bag
    • Exceeds DOT certifications