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This product has been discontinued

Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (Husqvarna)

Product Code: acerbis-lower-fork-guards-husqvarna
This product is no Longer Available

Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (Husqvarna)

Product Code: acerbis-lower-fork-guards-husqvarna

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (Husqvarna)

All Acerbis replica plastic has the original factory shape of the OEM plastic of each specific model. Sold as a pair.


Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (Husqvarna) are used by exclusive motocross athletes who wish to get the most out of their riding experience. Here at BTO Sports we understand the importance of race wear, product selection, and accessories to get riders back on the bike and out of the garage. There is never enough time in the day to accomplish everything we wish to, so the ease of installation the Acerbis- Lower Fork Guard provides is something that separates it from the competition. The Motocross Acerbis replica plastics are manufactured with the same shape and style of the OEM plastics for quick and easy installation. Along with their time-saving installation process, Acerbis - Lower Fork Guards (Husqvarna) are produced with a heavy duty plastic that provides elite protection for your forks. The last thing anyone needs is damaged forks and improperly functioning suspension, so to combat that Acerbis provides riders with top of the line Acerbis – Lower Fork Guards. The quality injection molding from Italy ensures these motocross Acerbis fork guards are designed to be a leader in fork protection. This high quality manufacturing allows Acerbis – Lower Fork Guards (Husqvarna) to be one of the most purchased dirt bike Acerbis lower fork guards on the market. These dirt bike Acerbis lower fork guards are sold as a pair and come in black or white to increase your ability of customization. Acerbis – Lower Fork Guards (Husqvarna) will provide your forks with the most protection and provide the appearance of a champion.