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This product has been discontinued

Acerbis - Supermoto Front Fender (Universal)

Product Code: acerbis-supermoto-front-fender-universal
This product is no Longer Available

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Acerbis - Supermoto Front Fender (Universal)

An aerodynamic design and unique styling makes this universal fender a perfect application for supermoto bikes. It can also be used on older bikes, freestyle bikes, and minis. Fender comes undrilled without mounting holes, allowing it to be custom fit to most bikes.

Here at BTO Sports, we strive to provide exceptional products for our customers to choose from that allow them to personalize their machines. The personal customization that these Acerbis- Supermoto Front Fender(universal) allow riders to have is nearly limitless. The Acerbis-Supermoto Front Fender (universal) is no exception when it comes to getting out of the garage and back on the bike with its easy installation process. Motocross Acerbis fenders come in a wide variety of colors to mix and match anyone’s preferred style. Acerbis- Supermoto Front Fender(universal) are aerodynamic, have uniquely styled edges to give your dirt bike that aggressive look and feel. All plastics are an extremely important part to protecting you, and your motorcycle from roost, rocks, and the damages they bring. Front and rear motocross Acerbis Fenders are a necessity when it comes to protection for the rider as they defend against roost created from front and rear tires. These dirt bike Acerbis fenders may be used on older bikes motorcycles to give them a more aggressive, clean, and current factory look as well as freestyle bikes and minis to allow your child to feel and look like a factory rider. Acerbis-Supermoto Front Fenders(universal) are produced without the mounting holes pre-drilled allowing it to have that customized fit for any bike. Although it is manufactured for Supermoto bikes, the dirt bike Acerbis front fenders are newly designed to enhance airflow has begun to be used an all types of off-road motorcycles.