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    This product is no Longer Available

    Acerbis - Swingarm Chain Sliders


    Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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    Acerbis - Swingarm Chain Sliders

    • Injection molded polyurethane.
    • Uses all OEM mounts and hardware.

    Here at BTO Sports, it is one of our missions to provide you with whatever your motorcycle needs are from casual wear, riding gear, and parts and accessories to customize your street bike, dirt bike, ATV, and, mountain or BMX bike. Acerbis has been producing some of the best motorcycle protection parts on the market along with gear bags, and top of the line touring riding gear for the past 43 years. Acerbis – Swingarm chain sliders are another one of their uniquely manufactured dirt bike Acerbis products to give your chain an exclusive look. Acerbis - Swingarm chain slider comes in a variety of colors that are uniquely designed to match specific dirt bikes and ATVs. The motocross Acerbis – Swingarm chain slider are effortless to install because they use all the original OEM mounting brackets and hardware. These dirt bike Acerbis parts are produced with a specific manufacturing process called injection molding to ensure their products are ready-to-race. With the injection molding process and the thermosetting polymers, these motocross Acerbis products to come off the manufacturing floor in exceptional condition and provide customers with a lightweight yet tough Acerbis – Swingarm chain slider. Acerbis - Swingarm Chain Sliders are injected with polyurethane to decrease the amount of extra weight on the bike while simultaneously increasing the durability and protection of your chain.



    Acerbis has been in the motocross industry since the 1970’s.  Since then, the technology and quality of products has been flawless.  Acerbis continues to make quality products for the motocross industry.  Available for a variety of bikes, Acerbis puts top quality work into each plastic and protection products.  BTO Sports supplies a full selection of Acerbis plastics.  This includes front fenders, shrouds, rear fenders, fork covers, disc guards, and full plastic kits.  Acerbis places top quality care and resources into their swing arm chain slider.  Acerbis is definitely a top industry name.  Everyone knows the quality of these products.  BTO sports supplies a variety of Acerbis products.  Buy Acerbis products now at BTO sports. 


    Acerbis gives each bike a better look and more protection.  Supporting riders such as Ryan Dungey, Eli Tomac, the entire Troy Lee Designs KTM team, and many others; these plastics are represented by the top riders in the industry.  With unparalleled performance, factory teams alike choose Acerbis plastics over and over.  The chain slider is no exception.  Acerbis put the same focus of protection onto this product as well. 


    The chain slider is an essential piece to the mechanics of a motorcycle.  If your chain slider is damaged or even malfunctioned, it can be detrimental to the bike and rider.  The chain needs to slide as smoothly as possible to ensure the mechanics of the motorcycle and the safety of the rider.


    The Acerbis chain slider is perfect for any rider looking to replace or upgrade.  This swing arm chain slider features long lasting material.  It is extremely durable built to withhold any debris or element that the chain may pick up.  The chain slider will keep the chain in line and keep the bike fully functional.  This high quality design is engineered to fit any OEM swing arm with ease.  The Acerbis chain slider also exceeds OEM specifications for maximum reliability. That material is long lasting, low friction thus, providing maximum power transfer to the rear wheel.  This keeps the chain secure.  No one wants an uncomfortable vibration by their feet while their trying to get ahead of the competition. 


    The Acerbis chain slider does its job extremely effectively.  Acerbis, like the rest of their products makes installation easy.  This product will secure with stock fasteners so no other hardware or fabrication is necessary. Keep your chain in check with the Acerbis chain slider.  This product is made with exceptionally durable polyurethane.  The function of this product is to eliminate unwanted friction, preserve the chain, and let the chain drive more power by smoothly gliding the chain across the swing arm.


    Essentially, these Acerbis chain sliders are made with high quality material, they are more durable, they are easy to install, and have a factory style.  The racers representing Acerbis use the same products customers can buy.  These products are made with care in Italy.  Thus, customers are receiving the same products on factory bikes.  Customers have the same opportunity to buy plastics that are being raced with internationally.  Buy it now at BTO sports.