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This product has been discontinued

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Asterisk - Cell Knee Brace (Pair)

Product Code: asterisk-cell-knee-brace-pair
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This product is no Longer Available

Asterisk - Cell Knee Brace (Pair)

Product Code: asterisk-cell-knee-brace-pair

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Asterisk - Cell Knee Brace (Pair)

The ultimate protection in motocross is here at BTO Sports. The Asterisk knee braces are made to mitigate the chances of damaging the ligaments and tendons in your knee. Torn ligaments in the knee like the ACL, MCL, or LCL are one of the most common injuries in the sport of motocross because there are so many factors that can cause torsional forces when you ride or race. All it takes is getting your toe caught in a dip rut as you throttle out and snap there goes all three. If you have the option of picking up a set of knee braces, which you do here at, I highly suggest you hold the phone and order a pair now. The Cell Knee Protecton system that Asterisk uses in the Adult Cell knee brace is built around 10+ years of testing.

They have redefined the way the brace is constructed, and what it is constructed out of to provide riders with one of the best motocross knee braces on the market. The Cell knee brace from Asterisk comes with: the ARC cuff that is 100% adjustable to provide you with a perfect fit, a carbon fiber matrix tibial plateau-capturing frame design that is insanely strong for maximum protection and lightweight feel. Giving you total free range of motion is the rolling gliding hinge. This hinge provides the rider with full extension and helps mitigate hyperextensions. Along with all of that, this product includes undersleeves and tethers with your purchase of the Asterisk Cell knee braces. The tethers are for the brace to boot attachment that helps prevent lower leg rotation. There is no reason to for you to give yourself a one way ticket to the hospital for a knee injury. Pick up a set of these knee braces and purchase your “get out of jail free card” to help keep you riding safely. Although these knee braces come packed with great features, they are not 100% guaranteed to prevent injuries, but they will in fact help prevent them.

Asterisk - Cell Knee Brace (Pair) Features:

  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Traditional Cell Red Paint
  • Asymmetri-Glide Hinge with Built-in Hyper Extension system
  • Adjustable Retention cuffs (A.R.C. Cuff)
  • New Quick Release Straps (Velcro Straps with our quick-release buckle system)
  • Tele-Tri Patella Cup System
  • Anti-Rotation Tether System
  • Undersleeves are included with the New Cell