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AXO Motocross Gear

AXO Motocross Gear, AXO Dirt Bike Gear and Accessories

AXO products are worn by champions because they are not only comfortable, they are also of high quality, durable and offer maximum protection. That is why AXO has kept its lead in Motorsports protection gear since 1978. You can try some of its product and enjoy the same service that champions enjoy.

AXO Brand

AXO Racing

AXO was founded in 1978, and it became a leading brand in off-road motorsport footwear, protective apparel, and clothing. The majority of motor racing champions have won while wearing AXO Gear. They started by making motocross footwear. They have now expanded to include a full set of head-to-toe motocross as well as street riding. We have been a carrying this brand since our creation back in 1999, and they have been a great selling brand over the years. Their efforts in recent years might show some signs of slowing down, but we have notice just this year in 2016 Axo recommit effort and resources to building their brand back up to where it once was.

AXO Gear

Gear - There is other protection gear that is independent of any clothing such as elbow cups, knee cups, inner back protection vests, air cages, and belts. They are made of light and strong materials that provide you with comfort and protection at the same time. Gloves Features - The AXO gloves are designed to provide you with extra grip when you ride and maximum protection if you fall. Their inner fabric absorbs and wicks away the moisture to give you maximum comfort. Their outer synthetic fabric provides maximum protection from abrasion and scratches. Pants Features - The AXO pants have high visibility colors and offer protection to your hips, thighs, crotch, and knees. They have protective panels that consist of special nylon and plastics, and leather for maximum protection. They have knee panels that operate independently from the leg of the pant for maximum comfort. Socks - The AXO Socks are designed to be worn with AXO boots. They are made of 10% Lycra composition, 20% Nylon, and 70% Acrylic. They have a ribbed arch and provide ankle support. They give you maximum protection and comfort because of the extra padding on the toe, shin, and heel. What you will love most about them is their superior moisture and wick technology that keeps your feet dry.

Leather Jackets - The AXO jackets give you maximum protection from weather elements, abrasion, tear, and scratches if your fall. They keep you warm, offer optimum ventilation, pad your elbows, shoulders, and back. They are more than jackets; they are your guard as your ride your bike. Their maximum visibility also ensures other road users or competitors can see you from afar. AXO Jacket and AXO boot are considered one of the most important AXO gear.

AXO Boots

The AXO boots include Primato Boots Black, Road WP Boots Black, Aragon Boots Silver/Black, Aragon Boots Fluid-Yellow/Black, Slammer Boots Black, and Striker Shoes Black. Comfort - AXO boots are designed to give you comfort and protection. They have high-quality form padding. The foam used gives you enough support without being too thick. Durability - The boots are made of high-quality materials that are both light and durable. Break-in - Breaking in new boots is not a pleasant experience. However, these boots will easily break after as few as two days of riding. That easy break-in can be attributed to the inner quality padding. Protection - The boot has a reinforced nylon and anti-torsion brace which makes them feel stiff on the side. However, the boots are still flexible enough to allow back and front movement. AXO Boots have plastic that is strategically placed to protect your ankle, leg, and heel. Adjustability - The boots come with simple but effective buckles. That makes it easy to buckle up and take them off when you are done riding. That is one of the best features I like about them.

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