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No single after-market purchase can dramatically affect your bike’s speed and performance like a new performance motocross exhaust. By investing in a new Big Gun exhaust, you really are turning your recreational dirt bike into a bona fide racing machine. There are many motorcycle exhaust systems to choose from here at BTO Sports, and we have the selection and staff to help you choose the correct motorcycle exhaust for your particular needs. And we can do so with your exact budgetary needs in mind as well!

Big Gun Exhaust

Big Gun

Let’s give you a brief look at Big Gun- one of the most popular models on our site, and you will learn quickly the difference between a performance motorcycle exhaust system, and what you are currently using on your stock dirt bike.

The Big Gun Story

Big Gun Exhaust was founded in 1997 by 3-time 4-Stroke AMA National Champion Mike Young, Jr. Clearly, Mike Young knows what it takes to win not only races, but championships. Having that type of experience as a racer and motorcycle enthusiast will bring endless opportunities, ideas, and creative innovations to a company, and Mike Young took matters into his own hands. Incorporating his knowledge of what worked best on the track with high quality materials and a great manufacturing process; he was able to produce high performance Big Gun Exhausts for dirt bikes and ATVS. These Big Gun Exhaust systems quickly transferred into the side-by-side and street bike markets as their reputation, brand image, and quality reassurance grew effortlessly. As the years pasted, Big Gun underwent management changes in 2007 and again in 2010 in efforts to improve Big Gun with a company-wide restructure.

As time moved on and growth persisted within Big Gun, the new team of sales and management within the company was able to streamline the production and manufacturing process of Big Gun Exhaust systems. Big Gun is currently located in the beautiful Corona, California where they produce and manufacture dirt bike exhausts, ATV exhausts, and other Big Gun exhaust systems for various types of vehicles. Big Gun has one of the largest 4-stroke exhaust products lines as they provide exhaust systems for the off-road and on-road markets. These USA made Big Gun exhaust systems places a large emphasis on customer service and satisfaction to ensure all of their customers are going to become or remain a loyal customer to Big Gun Exhausts.

Big Gun strives to keep a strong and inspired group of individuals inside their Research and Design department to ensure they are redesigning top selling exhaust systems into something better, and creating new innovative ways to decrease weight while increasing horsepower and airflow throughout every single gear. They have taken their already renowned EVO series exhaust systems to new levels of performance, and have recently decided to give their customers, and the world, an ECO friendly exhaust system that produces ideal amounts of horsepower and performance gains without exceeding the requirements of the USFS! Let’s dive deeper into these Big Gun exhausts to find out what truly makes them one of the best.

BigGun Exhaust

Big Gun Exhausts

When buying after-market dirt bike exhausts, such as a Big Gun Exhaust, it’s all about maximizing your bike’s performance while decreasing weight. Big Gun knows this as much as anyone and they have a number of Exhaust options that will meet your individual racing/riding needs! We have them all right here at BTO Sports. Big Gun produces various styles of dirt bike exhaust systems to choose from like the EVO series, which has 4 different models to choose from, the EXO and ECO series of high performance exhaust systems. Each one of these series is designed with unique characteristics for a specific type of dirt bike, ATV, side-by-side, or street bike. All of their exhaust systems are tested and proven to provide you with an increase in horsepower through the low, mid, and high end of your vehicle and will deliver subtle to large differences in your riding experience.

Big gun designs, manufactures, and engineers high end aftermarket exhaust systems for dirt bikes, ATVs and other off-road and on-road racing machines. They utilize key factors that play key roles in the airflow, sound, and most importantly performance of their exhaust systems to enhance the overall ride of everyone who chooses Big Gun Exhausts.

Big Gun EXO Exhaust

As most off-road racing, riding, or fun seeking enthusiast may know, the Side-by-Side and ATV markets have been expanding more than ever. Big Gun noticed the changes in demand for high performance racing exhaust systems and took full advantage of this blooming market. I introduce to you the Big Gun Exhaust EXO series. This series of exhaust systems was designed to bring a bigger and better exhaust system for side-by-side users that would be able to handle the massive amounts of power these machines produce. The EXO Exhaust system produces adequate increases in power and also is lighter than the stock exhaust systems. With a Lightweight brushed aluminum muffler and a hexagon styled end cap, this Big Gun exhaust delivers an ideal amount of volume with help from its highly innovative internal sound wave altering technology.

Along with that, the 304 stainless steel cone and TIG Welded brackets, this exhaust system is durable, reliable, and ready to handle the demands of off-road riding. The mid and head pipes are also constructed from 304 stainless steel and are CNC bent, and with their precision TIG welding these Big Gun EXO Exhaust have the durability and strength they need to do their job.

Big Gun EVO Exhausts

The Big Gun EVO Series of exhaust system has multiple variations to choose from. With 4 different styles of exhaust systems to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect one to match your riding style, performance demands, and sound levels. Big Gun gives customers the option of choosing the EVO R series, EVO S Series, EVO U Series and the EVO M Series. The EVO M series has been a staple amongst the lineup of Big Gun EVO exhausts and with the subtle changes in the design and manufacturing process, the EVO M series produces noticeable performance gains and a deep tone that will bring smiles to even the most serious rider. They produce this series of Big Gun EVO exhausts for mini bikes and ATVs so all motorcycle and off-road riders can utilize their technology.

Big Gun EVO U exhaust

The EVO U series from Big Gun is a great option for side-by-side drivers and ATV riders to pick. This Big Gun Exhaust has a deep throaty tone that is ideal for the side-by-sides and will help produce ample amounts of horsepower that is noticed every time you press the gas pedal. Designed to impress and never disappoint, this specifically designed Big Gun exhaust is meant for utility ATVs, Sport UTVS, and Side-by-sides. Designed with a high-temp black thermal coated aluminum muffler that has TIG welded reinforcement brackets and 304 stainless steel mid and head pipes, this Big Gun Exhaust is ready to get down and dirty in the desert. If the sound is too much to handle on longer riders, put in the Vortex quiet inserts that are included with your purchase. If you are looking to take your ATV or Side-by-Side into the forests, this exhaust is perfect for you as it includes a removable screen-type spark arrestor that is USFS approved.

EVO R Series

The EVO R series is one of the most sought after Big Gun exhausts for dirt bikes and ATVs. With this high performance dirt bike exhaust you will notice performance gains across the board and an ear-pleasing sound with every twist of the throttle. Designed with a hard anodized oval shaped aluminum muffler that incorporates TIG welded muffler brackets and 304 stainless steel mid and head pipes, this Big Gun dirt bike exhaust is stronger, and lighter than your stock exhaust system. Also, this EVO R series exhaust is USFS approved with the removable spark arrestor and is handmade right here in the USA (along with all over their exhausts ).

EVO S Series

The Big Gun EVO S series exhaust system a high performance, quality made exhaust system that is made specifically for street bikes. Able to fit on a wide variety of sport bike models, the Big Gun EVO S series comes in a slip-on or full system option. Manufactured to produce massive horsepower and torque gains, this Big Gun Exhaust has a black powder coated finish with a sleek design to maximize clearance. Reinforced brackets, 304 stainless steel head and mid pipes, and a high-temp thermal coated oval shaped aluminum muffler are the finishing touches of this high end street bike exhaust system!

ECO Series

The ECO series is for the price-conscious rider that wants to get every ounce of power out of his/her motor but does not want to break the bank. Offered as only slip-ons, the ECO series is affordable yet powerful. A cheap price does not equal a cheap exhaust. The ECO series is built to the same rigorous standards as the rest of Big Gun’s lineup and does not skimp on quality, performance or sound. Big Gun offers the ECO series for various MX, ATV and Side x Side models.

Big Gun Summary

BTO Sports has the best Big Gun motocross gear sales online! We take pride in offering the top Big Gun products and accessories to riders around the world. Riders of all levels can save big with deals on Big Gun dirt bike gear. With popular Big Gun gear items in stock, you are sure to find what you are looking for. View our selection of Big Gun sale items now.

To be sure, there are a thousand ways to improve the look, feel and performance of your dirt bike, street bike or ATV. But with each case, the addition of a quality motorcycle exhaust will undoubtedly give you the biggest boost in horsepower and overall performance. The uptick in speed you will enjoy with a powerful Big Gun motorcycle exhaust can forever change the way you ride- and we here at BTO Sports can’t recommend this purchase with more vigor. Happy riding!

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