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This product has been discontinued

Pirelli - Angel ST Front/Rear Tire Combo

Product Code: pirelli-angel-st-tire-combo
This product is no Longer Available

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Pirelli - Angel ST Front/Rear Tire Combo

A new-generation compound with high silica content for sport touring use: excellent grip on dry surfaces with maximum safety also on wet surfaces and at low temperatures. The innovative tread design combines high mileage with a modern and attractive look. The new front and rear profile has been designed for the latest generation sport touring bikes, and can ensure neutral and uniform performance in all road conditions. Excellent mileage with constant and reliable performance right to the end of its life.Tires that are at ease for urban, sporting or touring use, designed specifically for the needs of Sport Touring motorcyclists, the Pirelli Angel ST front/rear tire combo keeps you connected to the road.



  • 0° Steel belt is the technical element that ensures the versatility needed by soul product:
  • Angel: the patented 0° steel belt beneath the tread translates immediately into easily appreciated handling, even to those who do not ride bikes professionally. The tyre is more stable and handles in a uniform manner, even in high speed riding conditions, yet when fully loaded it is more balanced in a corner, more stable under braking.
  • EPT stands for Enhanced Patch Technology. It is the latest patented design technology developed by Pirelli derived from the experience in the World Superbike championship, which founds in the optimization of the contact patch the key of the performance, and focuses the entire tyre set design on this improvement.
  • To maximize the contact patch EPT technology brings forth an innovative concept for the tread, a new profile design, supported by the patented zero degree steel belt radial structure, and new materials.
  • This make ANGEL ST guarantee a level of excellence never seen before for a road product. The entire tyre set components work in coordination to keep perfectly in touch the bike and the ground.
  • The revolutionary tread design of the set is the ultimate state of the art of tread development which brings both excellent dry performance and high level control on wet roads. Grooves are concentrated exactly where needed, putting more rubber on the ground.
  • The FRONT is characterized by side-to-side grooves to maximize drainage, and short grooves inserted to reduce the mobility of the tread which maximizes stability.
  • The REAR design is characterized by central rib in order to ensure traction and grip but also high wear resistance and longitudinal grooves that allow a reduction of the number of pitches.
  • This results in a reduction of the land-sea ratio without compromising drainage, at the same time an improvement of stability coming from a more compact tread.
  • Sport Tourers look for mileage, so for this reason we have introduced a new solution for the incline of the wall in the tread groove. The incline of the tread groove wall is also designed to ensure the same water flow throughout the tyre’s life, even when the wear process is near completion.
  • The Angel gives you safety on wet, stability and mileage. The Demon is always present, ensuring you the rubber that you need, when you want.