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This product has been discontinued

Pirelli - Diablo Front/Rear Tire Combo

Product Code: pirelli-diablo-tire-combo
This product is no Longer Available

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Pirelli - Diablo Front/Rear Tire Combo

The Diablo tire from Pirelli is the perfect tire to combine performance and value for your street bike. Thanks to the patented 0° high tension and low elongation steel belt, the Pirelli-diablo-tire-combo provides devilish handling and outstanding grip. The Pirelli-diablo-tire-combo enhances bike control and high speed stability thanks to the new silica compound, new profile and optimized tread pattern. These Pirelli-diablo-tire-combo are designed more so for the regular street rider who tends to stray away from the track. These motorcycle tries are engineered for the use of street and Pirelli rates them at 20% track tires and 80% street tires. Although they are mainly for the street, these Pirelli-diablo-tire-combos still are designed with Pirelli Racing technology. They are desired to give their customers exactly what they need to enhance their riding experience and give motorcycle riders a high performance motorcycle tire that is safe, reliable, and most importantly will bring confidence to each and every one of their rides. Pirelli has designed these Pirelli-diablo-tire-combo with an optimized midcrown and shoulder that creates the ideal amount of grip, and traction to help increase corner speed without need to “push the limits” of your tires. The Pirelli-diablo-tire-combo have outstanding grip in both dry and wet conditions from the optimized land/sea ratio. Being a Pirelli tire, you can trust that Pirelli will “sell what they race”.



  • 20% track/80% street
  • Performance and value
  • Dry grip thanks to a rear tread pattern optimized in the midcrown and shoulder along with maximum land/sea ratio
  • Devilish handling thanks to the pantented 0° high tension and low elongation steel belt