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This product has been discontinued

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Troy Lee Designs - 2016 KTM Team Fleece Zip Hoodie Zoom
This product is no Longer Available

Troy Lee Designs - 2016 KTM Team Fleece Zip Hoodie

Product Code: troy-lee-designs-2016-ktm-team-zip-hoodie

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Troy Lee Designs - 2016 KTM Team Zip Hoodie

 The Troy Lee Designs KTM Zip Hoodie is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re in the market for comfortable, performance motocross clothing, and motocross apparel that can thoroughly communicate your passion for KTM dirt bikes. KTM Apparel is popular as it is, but when you add Troy Lee to the equation, you get one of the most sought after pieces of motocross apparel out there.

The Troy Lee KTM Zip Hoodie features heavy CVC fleece this year, which is an upgrade from last year’s KTM Hoodie. The 60/40 cotton/polyester blend at a lightweight 410 grams round out the quality materials used that make this one of the best motocross jackets around. 32 Singles Ringspun combed material is used throughout to leave you in awe of the comfort and durability that this Troy Lee Designs KTM Team Zip Hoodie exhibits. Be just like the KTM Team with sponsors such as GoPro and Adidas emblazoned on the hoodie. The collaboration between Troy Lee Designs and the KTM Team make an explosive line of dirt bike apparel. Be seen at the race track this supercross season at popular tracks like Anaheim A1, San Diego 2, or even Las Vegas to show your love for Team Orange with your TLD Team KTM Apparel. Dirt Bike loyalty is important in motocross. The KTM Team is the fastest growing demographic out there, so don’t be left behind in the dirt. Grab your favorite TLD KTM Team Apparel now!

Find your way to BTO Sports for the finest collection of KTM Apparel by Troy Lee Designs. We have brand new motocross apparel from Troy Lee that will help you rep your favorite KTM Dirt Bikes, whether they happen to be the KTM 65 or the KTM 450. We also have the best deals on KTM Gear, so stop by for the lowest prices on our clearance motocross apparel.

Check out the rest of the new KTM Apparel Troy Lee Designs has created this season here on our blog!


  • Heavy CVC Fleece
  • 410 grm, 60/40 Cotton/polyester
  • Four ends 32Singles Ring spun commed yarns, for comfort and Durability
  • Zip front style Hoodie with reversed coil TLD self lock zipper
  • Hood is lined with a 32Singles Ring spun commed
  • Jersey in contrast color
  • Self Contrast color panels at front and Back with Team Logos, Team sponsors on sleeves as well.


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