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Adidas Goggles

Adidas MTB/BMX Goggles

Adidas is a world renowned company that produces high quality shoes for various sports. They have revolutionized the way shoes are made and how they should feel with their unique features and high quality materials. That same quality goes into their mountain bike goggles as well! Adidas ensures that they produce some of the highest quality of products they can by utilizing their vast amount of resources. The technological advantages that Adidas is able to utilizes increases their production line, their quality, and the performance of all of the mountain bike gear they produce.

Adidas Goggles

BTO Sports proudly offers our two wheeled enthusiasts with the line of Adidas Mountain Bike and BMX goggles. One may think “Adidas Shouldn’t produce Mountain Bike goggles”, but these goggles are sick! Adidas makes various goggles, but BTO Sports only offers a couple variations of their Mountain Bike Goggles. Not only do we offer the Adidas mountain bike goggles, but we also offer some of their sport sunglasses as well. We carry the Adidas Backland Dirt Goggles and the Adidas ID2 goggles for our mountain biking and BMX enthusiasts. In regards to the Adidas sunglasses, we have the Adidas Evil Eye Halfirm glasses, the Zonyk Glasses, and the Evil Eye Evp Pro glasses. All of these Adidas sunglasses are made for cycling. Start cycling in style today with the new line of Adidas sport sunglasses from BTOsports.com!

Adidads Bicycle Goggles

If you are looking for a new way to stand out amongst the masses, check out the Adidas Backland dirt goggles for mountain biking and BMX. The Adidas Backland Dirt Goggles are a lightweight, shatterproof goggle used specifically for bicycle riding. Whether you are racing downhill mountain bikes or ripping up a track on your BMX bike, the Adidas Backland Dirt Goggles (bicycle) are going to be your new favorite piece of equipment. They are made with a two-layer auto fitting foam that provides you with some of the best sweat dissipation Technology on the market.

Along with all of that, Adidas threw in the cool new feature of the Climacool dynamic ventilation. This ventilation system allows the foam and the goggle itself breath flawlessly. Adidas didn’t stop there when making the Adidas Backland bicycle goggles though; they incorporated a vision advantage polycarbonate lens that enables the use of prescription lenses! The LST (light stabilizing technology) works as a “color equalizer” to enhance your perception of primary colors that creates less eye strain throughout your ride. These Adidas Backland googles are some of the best mountain bike goggles on the market.

Maybe the color scheme of the Backland goggles aren’t your style, don’t worry because the ID2 goggles are another option that come in various color schemes as well. Thes ID2 goggles are, once again, made specifically for Bicyclist looking for some sweet new style points. Whether on the trails or on the track, the Adidas ID2 Goggles for mountain biking and BMX are going to keep your focus forward. These Adidas ID2 goggles feature a sleek profile design that incorporates a clever, two-part construction for the perfect fitment of any helmet. Along with that, the Spherical lenses give you a huge field of vision that remains fog-free with anti-fog lenses and waterproof foam pads. Don’t let the rain stop you from having fun on your bike! The LST technology allows you to have flawless contrast and perception when on the trails! Take the strain off of your eyes with the new lense technology from Adidas!

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