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Fly Racing - Talon II SPD Shoe (Youth) (MTB)

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    Fly Racing -  Talon II SPD Shoe (Youth) (MTB)

    Re-designed and ready to win, the Fly Racing Talon 2 shoe for Youth riders is the perfect shoe for rider's looking for an entry level cycling shoe that is a high end performer. The new reinforced poly sole has been built for added stiffness, which means that more power from every pedal stroke will get to the rear wheel. The mesh and perforated construction allows the Talon 2 shoe to breathe, pulling in the cool air and pulling out the hot air providing the optimal ventilation for riders. One thing that Fly looked at is how to make the Talon 2 a better performing shoe. What they came up with is a shoe that not only performs better than the shoe it replaces, but also ups the bar in the looks department. The reinforced toe has been revamped and strengthened for added durability throughout the racing season.  The three strap design makes for a secure fit while giving riders a customized fit for their individual foot. The 3 strap design will secure the heel while pedaling, so you don't have to worry about your heel slipping out as you crank on the pedals. The Fly Racing Talon 2 shoes are SPD compatible and will work with any SPD specific pedal.

    For bicycle riders looking to improve their pedal efficiency on their Mountain bike or BMX race bike, the Fly Racing Talon 2 Bicycle Shoe allows you to step up their riding.


    • Reinforced poly sole for added stiffness
    • Mesh and perforated construction for optimal ventilation
    • Reinforced toe for added durability
    • Simple three-strap design offers a secure fit
    • SPD compatible

    Fly Racing Cycling Shoe Size Chart