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Ride Engineering - Performance Link

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Ride Engineering - Performance Link

Ride's newest product is a suspension link to lower the back of the motorcycle. This improves handling and keeps the bike going straight in whoops allowing the rider to be much more aggressive. It also keeps the back end planted in breaking bumps. If after installation, the rear suspension feels too firm, we recommend opening the high speed compression in quarter turn increments and rebound two turns at a time until you achieve the desired results. It comes complete with bearings and seals. Recommended sag with the Rideng Link is 100mm.



Linkage Assembly- (Only for Models listed as “Linkage Assembly”)

Ride's newest product is a full linkage system for the 2013-15 CRF450R and 2014-15 CRF250R. The combo outer link and center knuckle has two effects on the new Honda chassis. It improves the suspension action and handling entering corners (by holding the shock up in the stroke more) and it is more plush on acceleration chop exiting the turn. By offering both components instead of just the outer or inner one, ride height remains unchanged (0-2mm drop depending on year). We also found that the shock setting doesn't have to be altered (your favorite setting will work great), making this a true bolt-on and go product. Recommended sag with the Rideng Linkage is 102-106mm