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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Sidi - Charger Boots

Product Code: SIDI07CHAR

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Sidi - Charger Boot

  • Italy's finest top grain leather is used as a base material with Microfiber being used on the tongue area.
  • Exclusive cam-lock buckle system.
  • Replaceable bolt-on buckles.
  • Rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel for maximum protection.
  • Split grain leather inner anti-wear/heat panel.
  • Cambrelle lining.
  • Slim, cool non-bootie design.
  • Single Flex System upper.
  • Toe area covered in protective plastic.
  • Composite TA Sole can be replaced by a cobbler.
  • TA sole features excellent rear brake feel.

Very nice boot for the price...


I typically ride ATV trails and tight single track trails in the woods. I bought these boots because of the weight savings over the Crossfires. I also have a slender foot and didn't like the clunky/floppy feeling of other boots I had tried. I've been very impressed with fit and overall comfort; Even after a long ride, you don't feel like you have had anything on your feet. I also feel very safe with these on. I've put them through their paces in the protection department and they've passed with flying colors. The only thing that I don't like about the boot is the gator (sp?) at at the top. It does NOT close properly. When you close the top clasp, the gator wants to fold instead of sit flat. I've got a normal sized calf, but I've just gotten use to them not being quite right there. Everything else about them is great and I highly recommend them if you're looking for a lightweight boot and don't need/want the Crossfire!


Eastern Tennessee


Smart choice


I've used these for 2 years and they felt great right from the start. They are the most expensive boots I've bought and they are definitely worth the price. They tighten up to a secure, safe and comfotrable fit. I've used them for all types of riding and treated them to some horrible conditions and they only show little signs of wear.


Victoria, Australia


Love them


You can't go wrong with these.




Great boots


Great boots, materials and build are second to none. I think these boots are best for thing feet, I had to remove the insole to have a comfortable fit, with the insole was to tight on the sides.


St-Eustache, Québec


Sidi - Charger Boots

4.3 4