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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Sunline - V1 Forged Flex Brake Levers (Honda)

Product Code: SUNV1BH

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

For further assistance please contact our expert sales staff at 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

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Sunline V1 Flex Brake Levers

  • InVINCEible technology - Covered by patent 6,047,611. No other lever has this level of technology in it. No cables to break, just good solid hardware.
  • Introducing MDX - You don't crash in one direction, why should your lever bend in one? The new V-1 MDX is not a flex lever. The new V-1 uses the new multi-directional or MDX platform. Like no other lever before it, the V-1 MDX moves forward, up and down. Eliminating the need for expensive, complicated perches. MDX, because you don't crash in one direction.
  • Guaranteed - We will back every V-1 MDX lever with an unprecedented five year warrantee.
  • The inspiration Vince Warren - In the 80's racer and inventor Vince Warren came with the idea of having a lever that would not break and cost him winning a race. Vince passed away before he could see his dream become a reality. Vince's mom determined to see her sons dream come true, kept pursuing the dream to make it happen. Enter Sunline. Over 25 years later, his vision becomes a reality. Named after his likeness, for every V-1 MDX lever sold, a portion of the proceeds go to The Vince Warren estate.
  • Light - The V-1 MDX lever weighs in at a svelte 123 grams.

High quality brake lever


High quality replacement or upgrade for OEM brake lever. Easy to fit and looks awesome. Lever has a good feel and with the dual action should prove very durable.


Auckland, New Zealand


Good levers


Good looking and practical levers! I Crashed on my right hand side and the brake lever was pushed in (as if I was applying the brake)and the small adjusting bolt bend very easily. These levers give a soft weird feeling the the brake compared to stock


Perth, AUS


Sunline - V1 Forged Flex Brake Levers


It may be very strong




Great design, terrible fit!


This is a great design and it looks great but, it had some serious fitment issues on my 2007 CRF450R brake lever. The stock lever has an adjustment screw, this one doesn't and it needs it! I had to file the lever in order to get it not to drag and lock up. My mails to Sunline were never answered and I found posts on thumper talk with folks who had the same issues. For the price of these levers they should fit and on the CRF450R brake it doesn't. 2 stars for terrible fitment and customer support, 5 starts for design.



I would not buy this product again


CRF-450 No free play had to modify leaver to suit purch.Leaver bent like a banana after a few get offs. Gone back to standard leaver. Keep Sunline for spare.


Mackay ,QLD, Australia


Great lever


levers are great! easy operation, especially indestructibility!

Karel Felzmann

Ostrava, CZ


Great lever


Levers are great. Easy to install and have a smooth pull. Luckily haven't tested them yet. I am sure they will be great though.


Sacramento, CA


Very good


Very good but not much room with the Honda perch had to bleed brakes to gain movment.




Sunline - V1 Forged Flex Brake Levers (Honda)

4.0 8


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