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This product has been discontinued

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This product is no Longer Available

Alpinestars - Tech 7 Vegas Limited Edition Boot

Product Code: alpinestars-tech-7-vegas-le-boot

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Alpinestars - Tech 7 Vegas Limited Edition Boot

Inspired by one of the biggest races of the year in the brightest city in the world, Alpinestars has done it again with a Limited Edition boot that embodies what the Monster Energy Cup is all about. The Alpinestars Tech 7 Vegas Limited Edition Boot takes looking like a winner to a whole new level!  The all new color design shows off the 

The Alpinestars Tech 7 Vegas Limited Edition Boot is entirely new and featuring advancements which make it a top choice for motocross. Not only is the boot noticeably lighter, but the TPU construction offers great support and protection. The Alpinestars Tech 7 boot is also engineered in a way to allow the boot to flex in certain areas giving the rider more control. However, the new blade system prevents hyperextension around the front and calf of the boot so you can ensure you have the support where it’s needed. The Alpinestars Tech 7 Vegas Limited Edition boots also have new and improved accordion flex zones which help with the comfort factor as well as support. The boots also have an extended microfiber gaiter which helps keep that roost, water, and whatever else might be trying to get into your boots. The ankle area of the boots have a soft poly-foam that surrounds the entire ankle area which helps absorb shock as well as improve the comfort of the boots. The Tech 7 boots have a high grip rubber duel density compound outer sole, which helps with gripping the bike while riding as well as providing strength and durability. The Alpinestars Tech 7 Vegas Limited Edition Boots are very dependable and will last riders much longer than other boots being that the aluminum buckles, sole and foot peg inserts are all replaceable. There’s no better bang for your buck than the Alpinestars Tech 7 Boot. Show off your winning style with the new Alpinestars Tech 7 Vegas Limited Edition boot!

If you want to shop more Alpinestars boots, gear, and accessories click the link of Alpinestars Also if you have any question about these boots, or any other question regarding Shipping and ourReturns Policy you can contact us - we're here for you!


  • Ergonomic, aluminum buckle system offers secure and highly personalised closure
  • Innovative TPU lateral ankle protection provides biomechanical link between the middle lateral and the bottom lateral of the boot
  • Instep and Achilles accordion flex zones are constructed for superior control and support
  • TPU lower shell is reinforced with a metal shank and includes toe reinforcement for impact and abrasion resistance
  • Extended microfiber gaiter helps seal out excessive water and dirt entry
  • New closure system includes aluminum buckles plus aluminum frame with innovative self-aligning, quick release closures for customized secure fitment
  • All buckles are replaceable
  • Breathable mesh 3D liner with anti-sliding microfiber suede reinforcement on the heel area
  • Soft poly-foam surrounds the ankles and collar offers comfort and shock absorbing performance
  • Removable anatomic footbed
  • Exclusive high grip rubber double density compound outer sole
  • Sole and footpeg insert on sole are replaceable
  • The Alpinestars Tech 7 are CE certified