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Answer - Alpha 40th Anniversary LE Jersey Zoom
Answer - Alpha 40th Anniversary LE Pant Zoom
Answer - Alpha 40th Anniversary LE Glove Zoom
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Answer - Alpha 40th Anniversary LE Jersey, Pant Combo

Product Code: answer-alpha-40th-anniversary-le-jersey-pant-combo
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Answer - Alpha 40th Anniversary LE Jersey $44.95

Answer - Alpha 40th Anniversary LE Pant $150.00

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Answer - 2017 Alpha 40th Anniversary LE Jersey, Pant Combo


 The Answer Racing 2016 Alpha 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Gear combo is one of a kind, and celebrates motocross to the fullest extent. Answer Racing has always been at the forefront of motocross gear design and this year is no different. They have been at it for about 40 years now, and they bring every piece of experience they have learned to the table. Answer Jerseys are, bar none, some of the best dirt bike jerseys available today. Their 40 years of experience is key to their success. Seeing the world of motocross throughout the years has helped Answer develop features that actual dirt bike riders, such as Broc Tickle and Dean Wilson, want. Durability, comfort, and performance are high on the wish list of moto riders today, and that is exactly what Answer Racing has been delivering since 1976.


Not only is the actual jersey important, but in their 40th year, Answer knows a thing or two about design. Year in and year out, answer comes up with the best graphical displays put on motocross jerseys. Beautiful, yet subtle, Answer Racing Jerseys have been the preferred canvas for Answer’s creativity for almost 40 years now. It is no wonder Answer Jerseys are a favorite at all dirt tracks in the nation. The Answer Alpha 40th Anniversary LE Gear Combo is no different. Incredible motocross jerseys, at an incredible value, Answer Racing Jerseys are way ahead of the competition. Answer gear will surely be draped all over the supercross tracks this season. From Oakland to Las Vegas to Anaheim, Will Hahn and Justin Bogle will definitely be rocking Answer MX.


Find the Answer Alpha 40th Anniversary limited edition LE Gear Combo at BTO Sports today, along with many other Answer Racing Jerseys as well. We have brand new jerseys such as this one, or other clearance motocross jerseys that are on sale. We have the newest Answer Jerseys at any given time, and for the best deals on the internet. Stop by BTO now and shop for all the Answer LE Gear you could ever want. Dean WIlson and Broc Tickle love their Answer Gear, and you can too! We also have one of the largest collections of Answer Alpha Jerseys, Answer Elite Jerseys, and Answer Syncron Jerseys out there, so be sure to check us out for all your Answer Racing needs!




• Moisture wicking main body fabric construction

• Micro mesh back and arms enhances comfort

• Performance fit collar and stretch cuff design

• Extended tail section to eliminate untucked jersey

• Non-restrictive tech performance pattern


Answer - 2017 Alpha LE Pant

Answer Racing has had a strong and storied presence in the motocross world. Jumping on the seen 40 years ago, this dirt bike gear company has seen it all. Answer MX is one of the pioneers in dirt bike gear. It is no coincidence that Answer has triumphantly reached their 40th year of business. This is one company that has dabbled in almost all aspects of Dirt Bike Racing. They have produced such amazing gear such as the Answer Alpha jersey and the Answer Alpha Pant. From the regular and traditional gear combos out there, to the Limited edition jerseys, limited edition pants, and limited edition gloves Answer Racing has had their hand in a variety of types of gear that can be found on some of the most popular riders on the track. Broc Tickle and Dean Wilson are huge names on the track that call Answer their home. Answer MX has been a pioneer in the motocross industry. You would be remiss to find an old picture of a crowded dirt bike race track without finding some kind of Answer MX Gear draped on someone. Answer’s 40th year is shaping up to be its finest. With a heavy presence at supercross events such as A1 in Anaheim, San Diego, Oakland, and Las Vegas, Answer Racing has once again, just like in the previous 40 years, forced themselves into the conversation of best motocross pants and dirt bike gear of motocross. This gear proves just that… that Answer is here to stay, and for 40 years they haven’t been stopped yet, and it doesn’t look like they will be stopped anytime soon.

Answer is known to have extremely durable pants, that are as comfortable as they are high-performing. Motocross pants are integral to any gear combo. With air vented mesh in all the right places, these motocross pants are the coolest of the last 40 years. Just like the rest of the Answer gear line, these dirt bike pants showcase some of the best designs in the industry. There is no question that these motocross pants do the Answer Racing brand justice. Trends at the dirt bike track come and go in terms of gear, but Answer MX, for 40 years, has created the fastest motocross gear you can find. Just ask Broc Tickle or Dean Wilson! While, names like Fox or MSR might pop up in your mind when you think of dirt bikes, Answer’s 40th year is shaping up to be the biggest one of all.

Grab all your Answer MX Gear at BTO Sports today! Find all the best deals and lowest prices on both regular and limited edition answer pants. What Answer Racing has done for the last 40 years is remarkable and we here at BTO Sports want to give credit where credit is due in Answer’s 40th year in the moto business. We have all the greatest and newest Answer Racing pants on the market. If you’re looking for Answer LE Pants, we have them, if you’re looking for normal Answer MX pants, we have them, and if you’re looking for Answer Racing Air Vented Pants, we have those too! Be like Justin Bogle or Will Hahn and start celebrating Answer 40th anniversary today!



  • • Multiple panels optimize fit, comfort and performance

    • Durable poly-oxford

    • Flexible knee, fly, yoke and leg patches

    • Padded knee area creates ideal knee pocket

    • Heavy-duty zipper with secure ratchet buckle closure

    • Side adjusters for extra waist adjustment