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Asterisk - Zero G Knee Brace Pant

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Asterisk - Zero G Knee Brace Pant

The Asterisk Zero G knee brace pant is finally here. Asterisk worked on developing a state of the art knee brace accessory that makes it easier for riders to take off and put on their motorcycle pants. As an avid rider who never rides without knee braces I find it difficult to take off my riding pants at the end of the day because they would get snagged or caught on my knee braces. With these new Asterisk knee brace pants, that will be a thing of the past. Unlike traditional knee brace socks, the Asterisk Zero G knee brace pant fits over your knee braces to prevent your dirt bike pants from getting caught or snagged on your knee braces. Asterisk saw a great demand for a product like this as knee braces are evolving and protecting riders on the daily. The only flaw is that some knee braces may be bulky and have edges that make it difficult to put on your riding pants with ease. The Asterisk Zero G knee brace pants houses your knee brace in a comfortable and durable compression style pant. By integrating the compression style, this pair of pants keeps the brace in place and mitigates slippage.

Asterisk designed the Zero G knee brace pants with an over-sleeve that covers your knee brace. This cover compresses the brace and prevents your dirt bike pants from getting snagged on the hinges and edges of your knee brace. This advancement in knee brace accessories allows you to easily slip on and off your pants and doesn’t restrict your range of motion or the knee braces functionality. These Asterisk Zero G pants are constructed from Cordura material that is flexible, breathable, stretchy, comfortable and durable. Everything you could ask for in a material makes Cordura one of the most popular types of fabrics that are being integrated into motocross gear. This product from Asterisk can be utilized with all types of knee braces, cups, and guards.

Asterisk Zero G Knee Brace Pant Features:

  • Small: 28-29
  • Med: 30-32
  • Large: 33-35
  • X-large: 36-40


Por Quality Seams/Sewings


For The Price that you pay for this, the quality of the materials should be better. After the first use, following the laundry & care instructions provided from the manufacturer, the sewing of the velcro pads located at the hip (front and rear) became to loose complety. And if you wash the pant full extended (as you should do in order to clean the part that is folded while you are wearing the knee braces), the velcro from the bottom ankle sticks to the leg exterrior and interior sewings causing damage to them.


Miami, FL


Tore after 2nd ride


My Asterisk knee braces were cutting through my pants, so I bought these pants. they didn't prevent the ripping.


Portland OR


comfortable and functional


After hyper extending my knee it was time to get real protection. I have had my asterik knee braves for almost 3 years and absolutely love them. But after a 2 hour hare scramble, they slide down the knee a little. These pants fixed that problem. They hold my braces in place for the whole ride without interfering with any other gear. The are light and comfortable and worth every penny!

Derti Jerzi

Millville NJ


great product


These pants work great. Compression fit keeps the blood pumping and the fabric wicks moisture very well and keeps you cool. They hold your knee braces in place very well and even allow me to leave the straps on the braces a little looser than normal for more comfort and the braces havent moved at all.


colorado springs, CO


must have


A great addition to the gear bag for knee brace wearers. They fit great and did just what they advertised to do


Tampa fl


Fits well, comfy, looks good


Fits great. The adjustable belt is genius. Feels pretty durable.


Snoqualmie, WA




These are a must and work amazing


Sarnia Ontario Canada


Asterisk - Zero G Knee Brace Pant

4.3 7


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