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Atlas - Prodigy Neck Brace (Youth)

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2018 Prodigy Neck Brace (Youth) - Atlas

Atlas is a new name in the dirt bike world. The Canadian company got its start back in 2011, with the introduction of their very first neck brace. Their mission is to design the best riding protection, by employing their unique testing procedures. Atlas puts their neck braces to the test by mimicking real life crash sequences to ensure the performance of their products. Crashing is a small price to pay for that rush you feel every time you’re out on that track. The occasional spill is an integral part of the dirt life. Every time we pick ourselves up, we learn and get better. Protect yourself with the 2018 Atlas Prodigy neck brace, so you can keep on riding!


Why should you wear a neck brace? There are a lot of rumors out there, about how they do more harm than good anyways. But all of that is bunk! The science is settled when it comes to the protection that a neck brace affords. They mitigate impact and rotational forces and redistribute that to the rest of the body. Our chests and collar bones are built to absorb downward forces that would otherwise cause neck damage. The 2018 Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace protects riders from both hyperextension and hyperflexion. The motocross neck brace is designed specifically to protect the upper section of the spine called the “Atlas”. This weight bearing section of your spine needs extra protection in the event of a crash.


The 2018 Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace is made out of a super flexible plastic polymer that helps absorb and mitigate impacts. The split-flex frame affords riders with as much freedom as possible while still keeping them protected. The Atlas dirt bike neck brace is pretty light, weighing in at 2.49 pounds. The light weight makes it comfortable to wear for those extra-long rides. The Prodigy is made to fit teen and female riders, as an intermediary between the Air and Tyke braces.. Adult, youth, and peewee riders should look into the Air, Tyke and the Broll respectively. The Prodigy comes in a single size, but is equipped with height and mounting adjustments, allowing riders to customize their fit. The 2018 version has received some updates, including the easy open release system. It also articulates 27% more body contact to better mitigate impact forces.


At BTO Sports, we carry all the newest products across the power sports industry, like the 2018 Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace. Make sure to browse our wares for all the protection and gear you need!



  • Ultra flexible polymer construction
  • Split-flex frame to promote mobility
  • Sits around the spine and sternum
  • 300mm of chest suspension
  • 27% more body contact vs competition
  • Easy Open release system *Updated for 2018/li>
  • Smart mounts - 6 possible adjustments
  • Hybrid strap - comfort + versatility
  • Weightless minimalist design

I would buy this product again .


Very good product






It's comfortable while riding




So far so good!


Wore for the first time yesterday. Previously wore a Laett 5.5 brace. I am going to order the leatt chest protector as i am told it works well with the atlas brace, the new atlas defender adult size is too large for a smaller teen or small woman rider which I was bummed about (they have a youth one coming out fall 2015) I measured 33inch for a brace and tried both one, went with the prodigy. Will post another review as I use it more.

T Rip

Seattle, Wa


Great Brace


This brace is great! Super lightweight and once you are riding you hardly notice it. I was nervous that it wouldn't fit because I am 5'4 and 125lbs, but it fits awesomely. I am super happy I got it as such a great deal. Had a minor crash in it and it worked well.


Lakewood CO


Comfortable and functional


I am a fairly small rider and wanted to find a great fitting neck brace. The fit is great and functionally delivers with keeping the head with helmet for it's provided safety. Getting riding, the brace is hardly noticeable, not restricting, light and comfortable. Only one peeve with the release button that it can be sticky.


Arvada, CO


Comfort does really matter


Works good for mx riding. Love the lightweight and the easy design, easy to put on and remove. Nice comfort, design and fits good around neck. It also fitted good around chest when not wearing chestprotector. Good adjustment methods! Finally I could find a brace that fitted me, as a woman. Unfortunately, I had to bend, cut and adjust some of the brace, because it did not fit my chestprotector.. Therefor I give the item a 4 out of 5 stars.

The girl with the power



Atlas - Prodigy Neck Brace (Young Teens)

4.5 6


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