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This product has been discontinued

This product is no Longer Available

Fly Racing - 2015 Kinetic 'Mainline' Mesh Jersey, Pant Gear Combo

Product Code: fly-racing-2015-kinetic-mainline-mesh-gear-combo

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Fly Racing - 2015 Kinetic 'Mainline' Mesh Jersey, Pant Gear Combo

The 2015 Kinetic 'Mainline' Mesh racewear from Fly Racing is designed to beat the summer heat by incorporating mesh ventilation panels throughout the jersey and pant while still withstanding the rigors of track and trail. Stay cool in more ways than one with our Kinetic Mesh Racewear. Summer is coming. Be prepared.

Jersey Features:

  • Multi-panel Construction – for maximum performance and comfortable fit
  • Mesh Ventilation Panels – integrated into the jersey in key areas to help dissipate unwanted heat
  • Tagless Printed Collar – for added comfort
  • Sublimated Graphics – allow for the highest quality in powerful detailed graphics
  • Extended Tail – helps keep jersey tucked into pants
  • Comfort-Stretch Collar
  • Integrated Mesh-tech Panel Design – allows massive airflow to help keep you cool
  • Shorty Cuffs with Elastic Sleeves – reduces unwanted arm pump


Pant Features:

  • Leather Heat Shield Panels with Kevlar® Stitching – located on the inside of each leg for durability and heat resistance
  • Ratcheting Fly Closure – allows for adjustability and positive closure for a secure fit
  • Zipper Lock System – exclusive zipper lock system keeps pants closed and secure
  • Adjustable Waist Belt –for maximum fit and adjustability
  • Stretch-rib Panels – strategically placed for flexibility where you want it most
  • Comfort Mesh Liner – ventilated mesh liner helps keep you comfortable and cool
  • Customizable Leg Cuff Design – low profile stretch cuffs with removable elastic band
  • Internal Pocket – located inside the waistband
  • Sublimated Graphics – allow for the highest quality in powerful detailed graphics
  • Soft-Flex Protective Rubber Badging – ventilated for increased airflow, mechanically integrated
  • Ultra-durable Multi-panel Mesh and 900D Construction – to withstand the rigors of track and trail while providing extra breathability
  • Ergonomically Pre-shaped and Fully Vented Knee – generously contoured to accommodate all types of knee braces and guards while a massive air-intake system cools and protects

Fly Pro Lite Glove Features:

  • Design with a unique soft hand feel
  • Slightly thicker material for added protection from roost
  • Four-way stretch/lycra finger sidewall and gusset for flexibility, comfort and airflow
  • Embossed neoprene cuffs 
  • Silicone palm logo 
  • Soft Flex Sonic Weld Logos
  • Silicone finger grippers

Love this Product!!


Very Durable but thin and breathable.

Coop the rider

Prattville, AL


Fly kinetic pant dressmaking


Dressmaking on the butt wore in 1 ride


mount vernon , OH


best hot weather gear


Have been using this gear thru hot southern California summer. Mesh jersey is super light and flows as much air as I think is possible. Pants are lightweight and have good venting too.

Pala raceway local

San Marcos,Ca


just what I needed


It's Getti g hot here in southern California. Wanted more airflow for those high 80's to 100 degree days at the track.the jersey is super light and has max ventilation. Not sure how durable but have worn to track 3x and there is no wear. Highsided once when I lost the front end. No tears or visible damage. Pants have mesh panels also and am sure that helps keep the overheating g down. Overall, I am very happy with this gear. Would recommend it to everybody

Karl the old guy riding over his head

San Marcos, Ca


Great combo


This pants and jersey combo is super light weight and breathes even better than you would think. Great for long hot days.

Chase moto

Alberta canada


Great Product


I used this gear for the 2014 race season and I will be using it again for this upcoming year! I loved the flashy orange and green colours, they make you stand out at the track thats for sure. Its also very breathable, it was actually cold on morning practice laps but the afternoon it kept me at a good temperature. The only thing I don't like about it is the gloves are a little hard to get on. Once on though, they fit perfectly.




It's great and great shipping time


Race gear added his and name and number- looks great and breathable


Fayetteville , NC


one of the best I've ever used


already had several gear, and this is not to lose none of which I ever owned ... a great gear to use this summer ...

artur aguiar

hyannis, ma


Easy to see on the track


My son uses this gear for race day. It is easy to track him during races. I also purchased the matching helmet! Matches perfect! The gloves are a little hard to put on but no biggy. He has commented that it's the most comfortable and breathable and the quality is great. I've washed it a few times already and hasnt started unraveling like the other brand we've purchased in the past.


Lake Charles, LA


i would buy another outfit


excellent product


canton ohio


Fly Racing - 2015 Kinetic 'Mainline' Mesh Jersey, Pant Gear Combo

4.7 12


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