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JT Racing - V-1K Chest Protection

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JT Racing - V-1K Chest Protection

Rides up


if you are fat like me no matter what i tighten my body isnt long enough to stop it from riding up. the top straps are but only so adjustable and the clear straps cant be adjusted. this item rides knocking my helmet i constantly have to pull it down to keep it from jamming in my helmet or neck area




Fits well, very lightweight, and comfortable.


Was looking for a backless chest protector because of wearing a camelback and this was one of the only ones I could find. Very light and fits well. Haven't hit a tree in it yet but provides adequate coverage and is pretty comfortable, comes with 2 straps for the back the plastic strap style and an x style that sits in the center of your back I found that one to fit better i think it just varies on your size and that's why its either M or L. Ride mostly trails, motocross time to time but it didn't limit movement in the least. Only complaint is there is velcro on the bottom of the shoulder straps to hold them in place and it occasionally will rub your neck which is annoying but otherwise I don't have any complaints. Considering buying a second one just to have.


Millville, South Jersey


JT Racing - V-1K Chest Protection

3.0 2