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Michelin - Pilot Power Front/Rear Tire Combo

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Michelin - Pilot Power Front / Rear Tire

Michelin has developed the highest quality street tires that have provided MotoGp racers with exceptional grip to get them to the finish line and the top step of the podium. When designing the Michelin Pilot Power Front/Rear Tire Combo, they were inspired to provide those same race performance technologies to daily street riders around the world. Inspired by MotoGP technology and race proven designs, Michelin has produced a top of the line motorcycle rider that will give the daily rider superb grip, traction, and handling. The Michelin Pilot Power Front/Rear Tire Combo is composed of a mono-compound rubber that has been optimized through MotoGP racing and engineered to have a minimal warm up time to ensure you have superior grip, traction, and handling within minutes. Michelin incorporated the softest rubber mix into this Michelin Pilot Power Front/Rear Tire Combo to provide riders with exceptional grip while cornering and maintain a stable performance level as the tires begin to wear out. This rubber mix they used on the Michelin Pilot Power Front/Rear Tire Combo maintains grip with the round by maintaining the tackiness it gets at high speeds even at low temps. Along with the tackiness of these motorcycle tires, the Michelin Pilot Power Front/Rear Tire Combo has been designed to have less than 12% of grooved surface area to optimize the cornering adhesion and provide you a tire you can trust while leaning into turns at high speeds. Boost your confidence, riding experience, and corner handling with the Michelin Pilot Power Front/Rear Tire Combo!


  • Mono-compound rubber developed through Moto GP racing require minimal warm up time
  • The softest rubber mix in its class for remarkable grip and maintains performance even at advanced stages of wear
  • Unprecedented lean angles 50.6 degrees dry and 41.9 in the wet
  • Rubber mix remains tacky even at low temperatures
  • Grooved area is less than 12% of tire area for phenomenal cornering adhesion
  • W-rated for speeds up to 168 mph
  • Michelin Recommended Use: 95% Street Riding / 5% Track Days