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Pirelli - Diablo Rosso II Front/Rear Tire Combo

Product Code: pirelli-diablo-rosso-II-tire-combo
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Pirelli - Diablo Rosso II Front/Rear Tire Combo


Derived from technology from the World Superbike Series, the Pirelli - Diablo Rosso II Front/Rear Tire Combo is the sportiest, most versatile road-oriented motorcycle tire for your street bike. The SuperSport radial is the perfect tire for all riding conditions. From wet to dry, the Pirelli - Diablo Rosso II Front/Rear Tire Combo utilizes a high-grip compound on the shoulders and a wet/mileage compound in the center. The grip on these street tires is enhanced even further by Pirelli's Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT) that provides a maximum contact patch area. Pirelli designed these motorcycle tires with an integrated contour shaping technology that maximize the contact patch to give riders an insane amount of grip on the roads so they can ride with confidence and know there bike will grip up in the corners. The ICS (integrated Contour Shaping) also compliments the handling of your machine and Pirelli wanted to create a tire that could handle the insane power of today’s street bikes. Street bike riders love hitting corners at a full lean, and fast speeds, and Pirelli understands that. They incorporated years of racing research and development into these Pirelli - Diablo Rosso II Front/Rear Tire that help the rider get maximum grip at a full lean with the slick shoulder area. No matter what you ride, the Diablo Rosso II tires are ready for today's high power motorcycles.



  • The Diablo Rosso II is the sportiest and most versatile road-oriented tire of the Rosso generation
  • Diablo Rosso II is Pirelli's newest super sport radial for all riding conditions, including the wet
  • Grip is enhanced even further by EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology) developed in WSBK, which optimizes the contact patch for improved grip
  • A maximum contact patch area is due tin part to an ICS (Integrated Contour Shaping)  technology, complimenting handling and power of today's modern motorcycles
  • Slick shoulder area maximizes grip at full lean which boosts confidence and performance while cornering
  • Functional Groove Design (FGD) to optimize wet behavior
  • W Speed rated except for 110/70R17 which is H speed rated
  • D Spec tire is OE for 2013 Ducati's fitted with Rosso II tires
  • W Speed rated except for 140/70R17 which is H speed rated

Definitely keeping these


These tires feel smooth I've only been riding for a year but I've had some other tires that dont feel as good.




350 miles and pretty brilliant!


A brief report on the Rosso II pair I put on the little 400 a few weeks back. I've had a chance to put about 350 miles on them. Just over 200 in the twisties at full pace today and the remainder rolling around local roads, one and two up. I reset the PSI today from 33/34.5 to 33/33, which made a discernible difference and I plan to run them there unless I find better info. They feel fine. They aren't quite as communicative a Dunlop, but they aren't dead like a Bridgestone either. Pirelli told me to expect 5k rear and 8k front miles. If I get 1/2 of that it'll be a miracle. Still, they were $217 delivered. Logevity and wet weather grip are still unknowns, but so far, so good!


Charlotte, NC


Pirelli - Diablo Rosso II Front/Rear Tire Combo

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