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TCX - Comp EVO Boot

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TCX - Comp EVO Boot

The TCX Comp EVO Boot is a high-tech motocross boot. While it isn’t configured with Michelin Tires materials like the special Michelin edition, the TCX Comp EVO Boot definitely holds its own when pit against other high-end motocross boots. At this top end category, Dirt Bike boots are known to have every safety and comfort feature available in their boots. This TCX Boot is no different. Already known for their technological prowess in boots, TCX has used their experience to their advantage. You can see some hints of motorcycle boots technology here and there, as TCX has been in that field for a long time.


The TCX Comp EVO Boot only lacks the Michelin designed soles. It still has exactly all the other incredible features, such as the double flex control system, the adjustable calf system, the newly designed heat guard, and the new aluminum buckle design. Never break your buckles on close turns in the dirt again. The track will definitely not eat up your buckles with this well-researched system from the engineers at TCX Boots.

 TCX Comp EVO Boots Double Control System

The Double Flex Control System is a sight to behold for any rider that manages to mess up their ankles regularly. This system allows your ankles the maximum freedom of movement possible without damaging your ankles. The TCX Comp EVO Boot is not so stiff that it affects mobility, but it also does not move so little that it is hard to get a feel of the dirt bike and track. TCX Boots has done their homework, and it’s time for all riders to capitalize on it! Riders such as Broc Tickle has been impressed with the boot , and will be a featured rider for TCX because he really appreciates the design of this new motocross boot.

A lesser known feature exhibited in these boots is the adjustable calf system that allows those with larger than average calves to experience the same amount of safety and comfort as anyone else. No more squeezing into ill-fitting boots, or deciding on boots of lesser quality just because your calves are bigger!

So grab this motocross boot and many others like this at BTO Sports! We have all kinds of TCX Boots, including the TCX Comp EVO Michelin Boot. We have all the brand new dirt bike boots on our site, as well as all the clearance and sale motocross boots as well. So browse our site, and you’ll find everything you need!



  • Double Flex Control System
  • Adjustable Calf System
  • Well-designed heat guard
  • New Aluminum Buckle Design
  • CE Certified