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Twin Air - Fuel Filters

Product Code: twin-air-fuel-filters
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Twin Air - Fuel Filters

Here at BTO Sports, we strive to make your online shopping experience quick, easy, and painless to keep you coming back for all of your motocross gear, parts, and accessories. We have easy to use search bars, and category links that will send you in the right direction to find everything you need with a few simple clicks. We have a wide variety of motocross parts and accessories and the Twin Air - Fuel Filters is one of the many motocross accessories that we offer. These Twin Air - Fuel Filters are the perfect accessory to ensure you are putting nothing but the cleanest gasoline in your dirt bike. This Twin Air - Fuel Filters ensures that no micro particulates like hair, dust, microscopic rocks, or anything other than high octane gasoline will enter your fuel system to keep your bike running at its highest levels of performance. The Twin Air - Fuel Filters are the latest products that feature a custom shaped adaptor for each model of dirt bikes to ensure a secure fit under the gas cap. This perfect fit creates a leak-proof seal to make sure your gas isn’t going to spill over your bike on a ride, or during travel. The Twin Air - Fuel Filters prevents dirt, hair, and other debris that may be sucked into your gas tank during refueling. Thank you for purchasing all of your motocross essentials from, we greatly appreciate your business!


  • Twin Air’s latest product features a custom shaped adaptor for each model that fits securely under the gas cap, creating a leak-proof seal. 

  • The filter media traps dirt or debris that can enter into your fuel system from refueling.

Does it's job properly


Bought this for YZ250F 2016 in our effort to try go prevent dirt to get into the fuel system. It does it job quite well the only down size to it, is that it is hard to see the fuel status and when you are adding fuel to your tank, you can't really see the progress until that tank is full and the result is sometimes overflow of fuel which can be frustrating. That is the only reason I give it 4 star instead of 5.


Reykjavík, Iceland


I would buy this again


The best this you can do for a fuel injected Motorcycle


Mannum, South Australia


Yes, I would definitely buy this again!


Great product, super easy to install, and very functional! One piece of dirt can ruin your injector, this eliminates that from happening.


Bainville, Mt


Twin Air - Fuel Filters

4.7 3