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Twin Air - Power Flow Throttle Body Kit (Yamaha)

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Twin Air - Power Flow Throttle Body Kit

Just as you could change the size of your old-school Mikuni carb in the two-stroke days, you can change the bore size of your bike’s throttle body with the Twin Air Power Flow throttle body kit. The manufacturers do change the bore size on their bikes occasionally. KTM went from a 42mm throttle body to a 44mm bore in 2013. Twin Air’s tubular insert reduces the overall flow area and pressure drop, which increases fuel velocity through the intake port. As a rule of thumb, smaller throttle body bore sizes increase throttle response and low-to-mid power, while larger bores decrease low-end throttle response and improve mid-to-top power. The Power Flow Throttle Body Kit is an off-the-shelf, easy to install, throttle body performance kit that creates more power and better throttle response. The kit comes with two different performance options, one for low-mid range performance and the other for top end performance.

Twin Air Power Flow throttle body kit features:

  • Install and Remove without modifying the OEM Throttle body.
  • Get Faster Smoother Throttle Response.
  • Eliminate High End Flow Loss.
  • The Twin Air PowerFlow Throttle Body Kit Configuration #1 provides low-mid range gains utilizing a smaller diameter intake tube and a lower profile throttle valve. This configuration increases the throttle response making the power more controllable.
  • The PowerFlow Throttle Body Kit Configuration #2 is designed for increasing top end power gains by reducing the surface area of the throttle body valve. This configuration does not use the orange intake tube.
  • Optional “Twin Air Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS) Tool” available.