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Snow Mid | Base Layer

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 The purpose of snow base layer clothing is to keep the body warm and withstand cold climates. Wearing base layer clothing underneath snow gear helps to retain body heat. The thin stretchy material allows for an unrestricted range of motion. The full mobility afforded by base layer clothing makes it perfect to wear for winter sports. Each article of clothing has been engineered to serve a specific function. Most of which is made out of elastic and fast drying material, easy to take on & off, durable and breathable.  

There is a different piece of base layer clothing for each part of the body. Skull caps are designed to keep the top of the head warm. They are made with fast-wicking, moisture transfer fabric to facilitate better temperature regulation. Balaclavas and hoods are designed to keep the face and nape warm, leaving only the eyes exposed. Due to the elastic material, they can be pulled down over the head and worn around the neck like a neck warmer. Snow base layer shirts are made in a short sleeve and long sleeve version. The shirts are made with a breathable and fast drying fabric making it ideal for winter sports. They can be worn alone or underneath outerwear depending on the severity of the weather. The elastic material is form fitting which prevents uncomfortable gathering and distracting excess material. Snow base layer shirts are meant to keep the arms and torso warm while outside in the cold. Another way to keep the arms from getting too cold is to wear arm warmers. There are many options to keep the lower body warm as well. Snow base layer pants are form fitting, fast drying and durable. Knee warmers help to compress the knees, protect them and keep them warm. Base layer briefs and shorts guarantees that the lower body remains warm and comfortable in cold weather.

Mid layer wear consists mostly of clothing that is loose enough to wear over a base layer like fleece coats and windbreakers. Mid-layer wear is more bulky than snow base layer wear. It can be worn all by itself. Mid layer jackets are warmer than base layer but avoid the bulkiness of heavy clothing. Mid layers keep the snow from melting on the base layers which would cause the body temperature to drop. Wearing both layers is ideal for colder climates.

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