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If you're looking for a motorcycle backpack, then BTO Sports has you covered. Our durable selection of backpacks are great for going out for a ride, hike, or simply to carry around school.

 Motorcycle Backpacks

Motorcycle Backpacks

Each motorcycle backpack is light in weight but heavy in design and technology. Straps are made to withstand the weight of the cargo inside the backpack without digging into the sides or shoulders of the backpack wearer. In addition, our street bike backpacks are made to expand and have special compartments for laptops, phones, and keys. It is a great and quick way to stay organized. In addition, a motorcycle backpack is a great investment. They can be used for a multitude of purposes and last for years.

We have a wide variety of motorcycle back packs to choose from, some are waterproof backpacks while others are perfect for carrying valuables as you cruise on your street bike. Our great selection stems from the essence of stocking up on some of the top brands in the industry like OGIO, Alpinestars, Icon,Fly Racing , and much, much more! If you are unaware of which motorcycle backpack to choose from, let me help you dive deeper into our vast selection of backpacks.

Mach Series Motorcycle Backpacks

Starting off with the OGIO line of backpacks, these motorcycle backpacks are perfect for the everyday us of an individual who prefers two wheels instead of four. With a multiple types of OGIO backpacks such as: the No Drag series, the Valentino Rossi editions, and the All Elements 22L, you will have no problem finding the perfect one for you here at BTO Sports. The OGIO No drag Series has three different versions to choose from the adrenaline seeking street rider. The OGIO No Drag Mach 1 motorcycle back pack is designed with an aerodynamic exterior that decreases drag unlike other backpacks. Equipped with a weather resistance shell, ergonomic and deluxe padded shoulder straps and back panels, and body conforming shoulder gaskets, this is one of the most comfortable motorcycle backpacks to ride with.

The No Drag Mach 3 has all those features and some! Designed with the same aerodynamic design, the fleece lined smartphone and personal electronics protective pocket will keep your gear securely fastened and protected inside the motorcycle back. This OGIO motorcycle backpack also comes with a shoe storage compartment for those who ride with boots for maximum protection. Also, this Mach 3 is designed with a high visibility red interior lining to help you find exactly what you are looking for within seconds. Constructed from a PU shell made from 600 D poly instead of the 420 D poly like the Mach 1, this motorcycle backpack is stronger and more durable to help keep your valuables protected throughout your ride.

The Mach 5 is the one that takes the cake out of these three motorcycle backpacks. Designed with all the top of the line features as the other two, the Mach is constructed with a Carbon woven PU Shell, 840 Jr. Ballistic nylon, and 420 D poly making it the strongest and lightest No Drag Mach series backpack. All of these backpacks come with a life time manufacturer warranty to ensure your products will be will you for as long as you are riding. Check them out today here at BTO Sports!

 Motorcycle Backpacks

Waterproof Backpacks

Motorcycle backpacks are made to give the rider a sense of control, comfort, and ride-ability as they help keep your valuables safely protected on long rides up the coast, or short cruises to a friend’s house. Although we would love the weather to be persist with perfect riding conditions every day, we all know Mother Nature does whatever she pleases. With that, OGIO made the All Elements 22L waterproof backpack that is lightweight, comfortable, and highly versatile. Designed with a completely waterproof construction, this waterproof motorcycle backpack will keep your clothes, electronics, or other personal items completely protected against the weather. This backpack is great for those who are looking for a high end motorcycle backpack to wear in the desert on their dirt bike, or through the streets on their street bike!

OGIO are not the only motorcycle backpacks we carry so don’t worry if these are not what you are looking for. The selection of Fly Racing, Alpinestars, Cortech, moose Racing, Jo rocket, and Icon backpacks will wow your mind, and keep you riding with a smile. The Fly racing back country pack is perfect for those adventures that are enthusiastic about riding to destinations they can camp, hike, or just indulge in the scenery. Equipped with a 70 oz. hydration pack to quench the thirst, a tool compartment to help be prepared for the worst, and wide padded shoulder straps and back panel, this motorcycle backpack is a perfect option for all types of riders.

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The Valentino Rossi backpacks are great backpacks for racing enthusiasts to rock at school, around the races, or carry around valuables at their favorite events. With multiple options like the Outlaw Backpack, the cinch Pack, and the Apollo backpack, you will be able to rock your favorite MotoGP Champion everywhere you go! Made from high grade material and stamped with the champs number, 46, this backpack will turn heads everywhere you go. Check them out today, you will not be disappointed!

The icon squad 3 backpack is one of those designed for the rider who doesn’t like wearing backpacks, and enjoys the comfort of having nothing but air hit their chest. Designed with a unique chest strap to prevent the backpack from bouncing around, custom TPU hardware, and Rip-stop nylon construction, this backpack will change the perspective of riders who do not prefer backpacks. With great features to increase the ease of access of personal items and available in 3 different color schemes, this motorcycle backpack will impress even the most aggressive motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle backpacks are one of the most convenient products for motorcycle riders to use. With multiple compartments to hold various amounts and sizes of items, you can ride anywhere and be ready for nearly any type of event. Check out our great selection of motorcycle backpacks and waterproof backpacks below and keep riding your crotch rocket, Harley, or café cruiser every day! Thank you for shopping here at BTO Sports; we greatly appreciate your business!

Some motorcycle backpacks might work better for people with less weight in the hip area, and others can handle a broader build. Try your picks on to see how they work with your build. If you ride very frequently, make sure you invest in a motorcycle backpack that will last. If you ride under certain weather conditions such as snow or rain, or even extreme heat and sun, make sure your motorcycle backpack is up to those conditions. Make sure your motorcycle backpack can accommodate everything you need to carry in it. Finally, make sure that you can get whatever you need from your motorcycle backpack; whether you need an aerodynamic design to get you there faster or lots of space for porting your stuff here and there, make sure you've got what you need.


Motorcycle Backpack

There are lots of reasons to get an actual motorcycle backpack if you ride. Sure, you can carry some of the supplies you need in any kind of backpack. However, a dedicated motorcycle backpack has several compartments for personal items along with strap for the helmet. It is also made of more durable materials, yet it is lightweight.

A dedicated motorcycle backpack is easier to use. These are designed to allow riders to easily put them on and take them off without help while wearing a motorcycle jacket. Remember to shop based on how each motorcycle backpack fits your body type, as this is one way the different options vary.

Motorcycle backpacks are specifically designed to distribute weight evenly. If you're going fast and you take a corner, uneven weight on your back can be a disaster. Regular backpacks let weight settle around your shoulders and neck—also unsafe on a motorcycle. A motorcycle backpack keeps its shape while centering the weight near your hips for better stability. If you routinely carry heavy loads, you can opt for a motorcycle backpack with an external frame.

Motorcycle backpacks are aerodynamically designed. They won't add drag and hold you back. They will, however, guard your valuables as you ride and keep things dry, out of the sun, and off the road. A motorcycle backpack won't get in the way; even when packed to capacity, it isn't going to bulge out past your sides and get in the way.