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Biltwell - Lane Splitter Helmet Face Shield

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    Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet Face Shield

         The Biltwell Lane splitter Helmet Face Shield is a strong replacement shield that fits on the beautiful Biltwell Lane splitter Helmet. Choose from a multitude of colors, including clear, smoke, yellow, rainbow mirror, gold mirror, chrome mirror, smoke gradient, or smoke red. You can even buy more than 1 and switch them up for certain occasions. Show off your personality with the face shield color of your choice on your Biltwell Helmet. Biltwell makes quality motorcycle helmets for the street and their face shields are no different. They are durable, optically precise, and incredibly finished. These shields feature a precise injection-molded polycarbonate shield in solid, gradient, and reflective finishes. This makes the face shield both strong and stunning. Whether you’re taking it on the streets or on Route 66, this helmet will be sure to keep you looking good and feeling safe. Make no mistake; this helmet is a definite head turner. Biltwell has finally gotten into the stig helmet game, and their first foray is a successful one. With helmets in a variety of colors and shields in a variety of colors, the possibilities are off the charts. Whether you ride a street bike or a lowrider, this helmet will definitely fit your ride. The Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet is an affordable option with a menagerie of features. If you’re looking for a helmet rife with safety features and an incredible style, then this helmet is for you. Biltwell has tirelessly created the best looking face shields for their Lane Splitter Helmet. It’s always good to have a great motorcycle street helmet, but the face shield is what sets off a stylish helmet. That’s where the Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet Face Shield comes in. Keep the sun out of your eyes, and keep the haters out too with these great face shields. UV protected, no matter the style, these face shields will protect your eyes while still offering incredible clarity. Don’t miss a thing on the road with these shields. Grab your motorcycle boots, your riding jacket, and your motorcycle gloves because you’ll be ready to ride with the helmet and its customizable shield sold here.

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    Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet Face Shield Features:
    • Lane Splitter face shields features an optically precise injection-molded polycarbonate shield in solid, gradient and reflective finishes. Universally fits all Lane Splitter helmet sizes.
    • One stainless steel snap secures the shield while in the down position.
    • UV rated at UV +50 with over 92% UVA block and over 99% UVB block regardless of tint or color
    • Shields evaluated for UV resistance as per test method AATCC 183
    • Note: Always Loctite helmet shield hardware when swapping out face shields.