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Motorcycle Grips

Street Bike Grips

Yourmotorcycle grips play a huge role in the level of comfort you experience while riding your motorcycle. Much like tires, your street bike grips will wear out in time, and they will require replacement. Allowing your motorcycle grips to wear out too far isn't just uncomfortable for you as a rider, but it is dangerous. Having a secure grip on your handlebars is obviously very important. Once the grips wear out, your chances of having your hands slip off of the handlebars is increased, so you are at a higher risk for an unwanted crash.

Motorcycle and Street Bike Grips

Aside from just the functionality aspect of motorcycle grips, they are one of the easiest motorcycle parts to change out to add your own personal look and style to your bike. Here at BTO Sports, we carry motorcycle handlebar grips from manufacturers such as: Pro Grip, Renthal, Spider, and Ariete. Each brand offers a unique selection of motorcycle grip styles to choose from, coming in various colors.

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