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If you ride often you already know that a helmet isn't enough. A motorcycle face shield is also critical, protecting you from debris, dirt, dust, insects, rain, wind, and whatever else you encounter on the road. There are two kinds of motorcycle helmet face shields: the detachable variety and the type that is already built in. Which one you need depends on what kind of motorcycle you ride, when you ride, where you ride, and of course your personal preferences. Most motorcycle face shields are made of plastic. Some are tinted, but unless you only ride during the day you are probably better off with a transparent motorcycle face shield. If you do choose the untinted type, make sure there's room beneath your motorcycle face shield for sunglasses. Ventilation is also essential to your comfort, so choose a model with adequate air flow to avoid fogging up your motorcycle helmet face shield. What to Look for in a

Motorcycle Face Shield

Your needs dictate which motorcycle face shield works best for you. Are you a daily commuter who makes lots of short trips? Features like drop-down sun visors, face shields that change out easily and quickly, or a shield made from photochromatic material may top your list. If you do both off-road and street riding, a dual sport helmet that allows you to wear a motorcycle helmet face shield or goggles might be in your future. What's the weather like where you ride? And if it changes often, can your motorcycle face shield cope? Options like a Pinlock system or anti-fog coating may make certain motorcycle face shields your best choice if you live in a cold climate. Still not sure about which motorcycle helmet face shields would be best for you and your riding lifestyle? Contact the pros here at BTO for support.