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BTO Sports carries a huge selection of HJC motorcycle helmets. Our inventory has something for everyone regardless of their preferred style. From half face to full face helmets, and handfuls of different color schemes you will be able to find a new HJC street helmet with ease.

 HJC Helmets

HJC Background

HJC boomed into the helmet market in 1971 as the specialized in motorcycle helmets exclusively. Having a passion for innovating new ideas, designs, and technology into helmets, HJC bloomed into a successful motorcycle helmet company that is known around the world. They are continuing to deliver top quality products that are designed with some of the best materials around the world. In 1992, they accomplished their main mission of acquiring the status of being the # 1 helmet brand in North America. The HJC helmet are lab tested on site at one of their many facilities and to increase their ingenuity of putting together some of the best helmets on the market, HJC is one of the only helmet companies to have an onsite wind tunnel testing lab. In this lab, they are able to test the aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, and basically anything else needed to make and keep their helmets on the top level of the pedestal.

RPHA 10 HJC Helmet

One of their most demanded HJC helmet was introduced back in 2012, the RPHA 10 full face helmet. This helmet has top of the line features that consist of: a lightweight shell that incorporates a patent pending center locking mechanism, unparalleled aerodynamics and comfort, and an advanced ventilation system. This HJC helmet has been utilized in the professional ranks of Moto GP as it is worn by professional racers such as: Multi MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo, and Multi AMA Superbike Champ Ben Spies. Trusted by some of the best in the world, these HJC motorcycle helmets are no joke and are made specifically for the best riders in the world. If professional MotoGP and Superbike champions are going to trust this helmet, I highly suggest you trust it as well.

RPHA-X & FG Series HJC Motorcycle Helmet

Another top of the line HJC helmet that is trusted by professional athletes is the collection of the RPHA series is the RPHA –X. This helmet is an off-road version of the RPHA 10 and is trusted by Multi X-Games Freestyle Motocross Gold Medalist Nate Adams, as well as FMX and free rider Matt Buyten. Although HJC makes top of the line helmets for the off-road, their line of street helmets should never be overlooked. Their brand new line of HJC motorcycle helmets, the FJ series, is one of the most innovative lines on the market as they come with state of the art technology, design, and out-perform other top brand helmets on the market.

The FJ series has a couple different styles of helmets to fit certain individual’s specific style of riding. If you ride crotch rockets and are the type of rider who has a need for speed, the FG -17 series helmet from HJC should be one of your first picks. The FG- 17 has an advanced fiberglass composite shell that is lightweight, has a superior fitment, and is incredibly comfortable as it uses the advanced CADD technology. This helmet also has a large eyeport that increases the rider’s vision to keep them focused and dialed in on every ride. The FG- Jet helmet is an open-face helmet that is great for those riders who tend to cruise the open road and love feeling the wind in their face. Also great for adventure riding the FG – Jet helmet has a one-touch face shield that blocks the wind, bugs, and other debris from disrupting your ride.

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