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Icon Helmets

Icon Motorcycle Helmets

Icon has been in the helmet business for a long time, and is a very trusted source for all your motorcycle helmet needs. The Icon Alliance helmet seems to be one of their most popular helmets based off of customer’s helmet reviews and the times they get purchased. Also BTO Sports is a great place to find icon helmets cheap, and we will price match our competitors. Find helmet reviews and the size chart below. Happy shopping our site!

Ride Icon is an edgy motorcycle brand, that’s been around for over a decade now, producing all sorts of different motorcycle gear options and accessories – most notably helmets. Known for their extreme style, and high quality products, Icon helmets have earned a solid reputation in the street motorcycle scene today. In addition to their high quality, attention to detail, comfort and style, these helmets can be found on some of the most influential riders around like Tony Carbajal, Jody Leonard, and Nick Brocha. Do you like to ride fast? Do you have a sense of style you want to show off? Are you looking for a high quality helmet for a decent price? You may want to look into icon motorcycle helmets. We’ll explain more below.

There are several components that make Icon Helmets one of the most popular motorcycle helmets out today. They offer some features you can’t don’t want to miss out on!

Icon Helmets Features:

Internal sun visors – On these helmets like the Icon Alliance GT helmet, there’s an integrated sun visor inside the helmet. Imagine having a pair of sunglasses inside your motorcycle helmet that you could flip up or down, that’s the internal sun visor. This means you can roll a clear shield at all times if you want, and toggle on or off the sun visor at night. Another benefit the internal sun visor offers is the option to ride with the face shield up, yet still have eye protection. When you’ve cooled down, or want to increase speed again, simply flip up the sun visor, pull down your mirrored face shield, and go. Again, this option is available on the Icon Alliance GT helmet, and Icon Alliance helmet. This is one of the more innovative ideas.

Quick release Icon face shields – Icon motorcycle helmets come equipped with quick release face shields. Common on more motorcycle helmets today, this feature saves tons of time when swapping out face shields for the time of day or the weather conditions. Furthermore, these helmet visors are also replaceable. Another benefit to the quick release is the Icon ProSheild & TracShield face shields. These face shields come in many different colors, and utilize the quick release function on most icon helmets. The Icon Alliance GT and the Icon Alliance helmets use the ProShield. The Icon TracShield fits the Icon Airframe Pro, and the Icon Airmada helmets. One extra benefit of the TracShield is the option for tearoffs.

Anti-fog coatings – These helmets all come with anti-fog coatings on their face shields, including the Icon ProShield, Icon TracShield, and the Icon Precision Optics shield for the Icon Variant helmet. Regardless of how well your lid vents, having the antifog coatings further prevents your face shield from fogging up on cold days, making your weekend ride or morning commune more enjoyable.


Tunable venting – Another cool feature on icon helmets is the tunable venting option. You can turn venting on and off, on the fly making your ride more comfortable. These typically have 2 external buttons to turn venting on and off. One controls the upper vents above the eye port, which funnels air through the top of the helmet. The other button controls the mouth piece vents. This controls the air going into the face and through the side of the helmet. All front intakes have an exhaust port on the back to keep air moving through.

Internal fit and quality of internal liners – Icon helmets have extremely plush material and padding making them one of the most comfortable helmets on the market. They also make their helmet liners replaceable and washable helping you keep your helmet clean. Furthermore, the icon hydradry liner materialhelps wick away moisture when body temperature is elevated.

Icon helmets

High detail & vibrant paint schemes – Icon helmets are known for their bold look, sense of style, and vibrant personality. What better way to showcase your energy and passion on a motorcycle? The helmets come in subtle colorways as well. One thing remains consistent though, and that’s the attention to detail.


Some Popular Icon Helmets:

Icon has become more and more popular when it comes to motorcycle helmets. They have really come out of nowhere and started to compete with other major helmet brands. Below are some popular helmets from Icon that we have seen, and would like to share with you.

Alliance helmet

Shape = Mid to long oval. This is a great “mid-range” sport helmet that won’t break the bank. This helmet is actually $200 and less. For long time Icon riders, this helmet replaces the SSR helmet with a laundry list of changes and upgrades. The shell is made from polycarbonate, and this icon helmet adheres to the World standard, it meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (EUROPE), SAI AS1698 (AUSTRALIA) & PSC (JAPAN) SAFETY AND TESTING STANDARDS. Other notable features of the Icon Alliance helmet are the chin vents, dual venting channels on top, and the helmet now utilizes the ProShield.

Variant helmet

Shape = oval round. The icon variant helmet is a unique helmet, with an aerodynamically shaped visor. This is not a dual sport helmet despite its looks. The visor acts as a wing to pull in hair through the vents in the helmet, while providing extra style points. The Icon variant helmet adheres to the World standard, it meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (EUROPE), SAI AS1698 (AUSTRALIA) & PSC (JAPAN) SAFETY AND TESTING STANDARDS. The icon variant also weighs roughly 3.5 lbs.

Airmada helmet

Shape = oblong oval, tailored fit. The icon airmada is a very light weight helmet, weighing at just over 3.5 lbs. Part of that is attributed to the 5 shell sizes which offer a tighter, more contoured fit with less cheek pad/liner parts adding weight. Furthermore, this helmet shell is much more “low profile” than its predecessor, (the alliance) and is packed full of features that Icon helmets are known for. The icon airmada adheres to the World standard, it meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (EUROPE), SAI AS1698 (AUSTRALIA) & PSC (JAPAN) SAFETY AND TESTING STANDARDS.

Airframe helmet

Shape = long oval. The icon airframe weighs in at 3.3lbs-3.6lbs, AND adheres to the World standard, it meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (EUROPE), SAI AS1698 (AUSTRALIA) & PSC (JAPAN) SAFETY AND TESTING STANDARDS. This is a very light helmet; the shell is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber. The spoiler on the back of the helmet actually reduces turbulence, and helps keep your head stable at higher speeds. It will also breakaway at somewhere between 7-10lbs of pressure, so it won’t snag on anything in the event of a crash. The icon airframe helmet breathes much better than most other helmets available on the market today, however remains nice and quiet at speed. Lastly, this helmet also uses the icon ProShield, so the tints and color options are endless.

Icon helmet sizing chart

Icon Helmets Size Chart

That pretty much wraps it up for Icon motorcycle helmets. If you’re looking for a new motocycle helmet at a decent price with high quality attributes, and the option to rock a killer paint job, look no further than Icon helmets. BTO Sports has a large selection of Icon motorcycle helmets and Icon womens helmet. Use the BTO Advantage and give us a call today! 805-777-7601 or email [email protected] !!

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Icon - Variant Construct Helmet

I like this helmet

Very comfortable, stylish helmet.
Icon - Variant Construct Hard Luck Helmet

I love this helmet!

Awesome helmet, looks wise ,vent wise and great vision. Comes with 2 shields (1 mirrored,1 clear), and helmet bag. Great! Definitely a tight fit in the cheek pads. After reading reviews I ordered a size bigger and Im glad I did. Cheek pads are snug but they'll wear in. Doesn't feel to bulky although I havent had the chance to properly dual sport it...