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Icon Jackets

Icon Motorcycle Jacket

Icon motorcycle jackets are made to have you looking good while at the same time staying protected from the elements.


Icon motorcycle Jackets

Icon motorcycle jackets are constructed from 1.2-1.4 mm premium cowhide. They vary in design and color, but the craftsmanship of the jackets remains throughout. Icon street bike jackets are also crafted with alloy inserts in the back and shoulders, providing a thick protection buffer between your body and outside elements that could injure you during a ride.

All Icon motorcycle jackets for sale today are made to work with your body and protect you from both the biting wind and the caustic road debris. Icon jackets are tested and inspected to ensure that every seam, stitch, and button is tied together securely. Icon jackets are built to last you through seasons of wear and tear on the road. They are available in both men’s and women’s styles. Men’s styles are designed with more simple Icon markings while women’s jackets are a little more elaborate with swirling text and soft angle patterns.


Icon Jackets

Icon motorcycle jackets are part of the brand's line of protective tactical gear that sports aggressive, stylish design elements created by and for motocross and other sport riders. This isn't an understated look; an Icon motorcycle jacket is less about blending into a scene and more about inspiring shock and awe. Whether you're hoping to impress other riders, friends, or just people on the street, Icon jackets fit the bill with flamboyant designs featuring demons, skulls, and tribal work or subtler retro looks for both women and men.

Icon is leading the pack when it comes to nailing style trends within the knee dragging lifestyle. Icon jackets marry function and form, offering serious protection and edgy looks in a way that really does have the brand standing a few paces ahead of everyone else.

Icon Street Jackets

Indisputably a premium brand, however, Icon motorcycle jackets aren't just for looks. Reinforced with flexible armor which hardens on impact, you are ready for the worst in an Icon motorcycle jacket. Icon is a smart choice when you don't want to take any chances, and when the only corners you'll risk cutting are made of dirt and asphalt.

In addition to having discount Icon jackets in stock; BTO Sports has Icon vests available online as well. Working in tandem with Icon motorcycle jackets, the vests allow for double protection during the ride. The vest is placed over the jacket and provides an extra buffer zone for the chest and back of a rider. Each vest is made with removable hard back armor and cross-draw pistol pockets.

BTO Sports has one of the best selections in Icon jackets. From designs to colors to functionality, anything you desire to find in an Icon jacket can be found here. Our cheap Icon motorcycle jackets will have you leaving our site with both a quality product and a happy check book. So start looking around and find the best jacket for your style of riding.

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