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Metzeler Motorcycle Tires

Metzeler Street Tires

Here at BTO Sports, we can relate to this approach, because we share it! We know that our customers ride, and they want the highest possible performance, reliability, and safety—just like we do. This is probably the biggest reason we are proud to carry Metzeler motorcycle tires; we know they're a great product that riders love.


Metzeler Tires

German motorcycle tire company Metzeler is a manufacturer dedicated to high performance and superior quality, and that dedication shows in Metzeler motorcycle tires. Metzeler's stated mission is to stay on technology's cutting edge and to constantly develop new products that meet the expectations and needs of their motorcyclist customers. How do they do this?

The biggest advantage Metzeler has is that it is a company filled with avid motorcycle enthusiasts. Staffed with longtime riders, the brand is always in touch with the wants and needs of riders.

Metzeler Motorcycle Tires

Metzeler motorcycle tires are designed and engineered with a singular guiding vision in place: meeting and exceeding the real, everyday needs of actual motorcycle riders. For more than 100 years this has been the Metzeler goal, in place since the brand was founded in 1892. The motorcycle itself and Metzeler motorcycle tires were born and grew up together.

Since that time, Metzeler motorcycle tires have stood for cutting edge technologies and advanced design. Metzeler has introduced innovative tread styles as well as unique rubber compounds and other advanced materials, staying ahead of technical trends in the industry. Metzeler introduced what was the widest tire, the first tubeless tires, 0-degree steel belted radials, and the first 80 and 90 series low profile tires. You can bet that the brand will keep innovating and coming up with great new products.

Metzeler Street Tires at BTO Sports

At BTO Sports, we have the best selection of Metzeler motorcycle tires at the best prices. We stock most Metzeler motorcycle tires and keep them ready to ship. Have questions about our range of Metzeler tires? Reach out, give us a call or email. We'd be happy to talk Metzeler motorcycle tires with you today.

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