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Roland Sands Design

Roland Sands Design Jackets

Roland Sands first started out as a motorcycle racer and designer of premium motorcycles. BTO Sports has a wide variety of Roland Sands Jackets and motorcycle apparel. Check out the RSD jackets below!

Roland Sands

Roland Sands Designs Background

Based out of Los Alamitos, California, Roland Sands Designs was established back in 2005. The founder Roland Sands originated from Long Beach, California and had the southern California influence bring him to where he stands today. With a background in road racing, he starting this company to keep his passion alive, and although he wasn’t racing, Roland loved every aspect of motorcycles; from sport bikes to customer choppers, Roland was able to keep his passion alive by building, designing, and popularizing high performance custom motorcycles. With some help along the way, he was able to create Roland Sands Designs and produce motorcycle products and apparel to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. From building custom motorcycles for those who can afford it, to providing casual riders with high quality gear and apparel, Roland Sands Design has built up an unforgettable reputation.

Roland Sands

He lived and breathed motorcycles at a very young age. Roland’s career hit a pinnacle in 1999 when he won the 250GP national road racer championship. After that he started to focus more on his motorcycle building, as well as his high end motorcycle jackets, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle boots, and other leather style riding gear. Roland Sands designs has all the different style of riders covered, starting with the road racer. The road racer, hitting the suburban streets and splitting car traffic all day long, was for a pure adrenaline rush that was unattainable through any other sport. The off road rider would like the high end Roland sands gloves, for long days our riding the track or trail. Of course the Supermoto rider would love the style, feel, and quality of Roland Sands Design.

Roland Sands Jackets

Also because of the high quality motorcycle gear coming from Roland Sands, most custom motorcycle builders will be drooling over the style and quality of their leather. Roland Sands does not just make high quality motorcycle gear and apparel; they also build customized motorcycles that are unique in every way possible. You know you are dealing with a quality brand when they are in over 500 different magazines throughout the world and out of those 500 magazines, 100 of them had Roland Sands Design on the cover.

Some of the most popular products would be the Roland Sands Ronin jackets. Ronin is also the most popular line for Roland Sands as it covers a wide verity of gloves, and jackets. A couple jackets to keep not of are the Ronin Reserve wax textile jacket and the Ronin Reserve Leather Jacket. The Wet Textile jacket features a water repellant and breathable cotton material and is designed with an aggressive riding fit that has a café style design. The leather version has top grain cowhide, as well as the same café style design as the wet textile Roland Sands Jacket. Roland Sands makes other top of the line apparel products like accessories such as the Roland Sands shoulder armor, gloves, and much, much more. You will not be able to find any of their custom motorcycle parts through our store, only their soft leather goods you will find here. Those include again their motorcycle boots, gloves, casual, protection, and most famously their jackets

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