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Simpson - M30 Bandit Helmet Shields

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    Simpson - M30 Bandit Helmet Shields

    Have you recently purchased a new Simpson M30 motorcycle helmet? Are you not stoked on the face shield that comes with your new helmet? Did your visor get a scratch or damaged after a spill? Well we are here to fix that! BTO Sports has you covered with a great selection of replacement lenses for your new M30 Bandit helmet from Simpson.

    Simpson makes a wide variety of motorcycle products to choose from and replacement lenses are one of them. These replacement shields are specifically made for the M30 Bandit Helmet. The M30 Bandit replacement shields are made with an anti-fog coated shield will keep your vision clear throughout your entire ride and come in 4 different tints to choose from. The iridium one is my favorite personally, but there is the smoke, chrome, and clear shields as well. They are easy to remove and install so you can get back on the bike in no time and are made with the .125 Lexan shield. Simply snap these M30 replacement shields on your M30 Bandit helmet, reattach the bolts and you are good to go!

    This is the replacement face shield for the Simpson M30 Bandit Helmet only.

    M30 Bandit Replacement Shield Features:
    • .125 Lexan Shield
    • Anti-fog coated
    • Easy installation
    • Sold each
    • Fits the Simpson Model 30 Bandit Helmets only